The embattled son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is in high spirits as he participated in the celebration of his son Marcus’ birthday. In the Duggar Family official, Facebook page, Josh Duggar and his wife Anna Duggar together with Marcus posed in the kitchen as shared by ET. The couple and their son are all smiles. Josh looks like he has gained some weight. His ongoing court battle is not visible on his handsome face.

Josh Duggar was summoned to appear in court on May 15 to face Matthew McCarthy. The DJ whose photo was used by Duggar to register on an online dating site called Ashley Madison.

McCarthy is suing for damages because of the shame it has caused him. Aside from this crime, Josh also committed child molestation against five girls including his four sisters.

Josh Duggar is rebuilding his family with the support of Anna Duggar

At present, Josh and Anna are rebuilding their lives together and are trying to move on despite the court cases the head of the family is facing. Amidst rumors of divorce attempt on her part, the forgiving wife decided to stick with her husband and start anew. She is now carrying her fifth child who she calls the “baby from the ashes.” The baby is the new birth from whom their new lives will spring up.

During the announcement of their coming baby, the couple said that for almost two years they have worked on their marriage.

They have focused on their children. Rebuilding their lives was never easy after a breach of trust, but they believe that a life of faith and starting overtake one day at a time.

It can be recalled that because of the scandal caused by Josh Duggar, his family reality show “19 Kids and Counting” was canceled. But because the family’s fan base remained intact, TLC offered them another reality show called “Counting On.” But this time, it will be about his sisters Jessa Seewald, Jill Dillard and his other sisters.

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Josh Duggar return on 'Counting On' not yet happening

Josh Duggar is reportedly going to be featured on the show again. However, many fans are not agreeable because he is currently facing cases in court. TLC banned him from the show as stipulated in the contract. In times of important family affairs like weddings, the network does all measures that he is not seen in the footages.

After a stint at a Christian facility to address his sex addiction, counseling, and family intervention, Josh Duggar is bouncing back to life. Despite all the condemnation and accusations, he remains humble and firm doing his responsibility as the head of the family. Based on the birthday photos shared, the family looks happier these days.