Johnny Depp is an internationally recognized actor. He is known for being versatile and quirky and has worked closely with the likes of Tim Burton in the past. Depp has starred in such films as "The Tourist", "Pirates of the Carribean" and most recently, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them".

Emails between Depp and former business manager revealed

A series of correspondence between Depp and his Business Manager Joel Mandel have gone public. The emails have revealed Depp's uncontrollable spending and despite the fact that he is the fifth highest paid actor in Hollywood, the star is facing some serious financial issues.

According to Vanity Fair, back in 2009 Mandel revealed to Depp's sister and brother that Depp's account was overdrawn by $4 million. Mandel tried to advise Depp best suggesting that he try to cut down on his spending. Depp, however, insisted that he would try but that he needed to give his children the best. It is clear that the star was struggling to control his spending and the issue continued on to the present day.

Depp revealed to Mandel that he was expecting to receive $75 million for three films and believed that this would help his situation. Depp told Mandel that he did not like being in this situation. He asked his business manager what he could do to get back on track, even stating that he would sell some of his art if it came to it.

Where did Depp go wrong?

The lawsuit he started against The Management Group has revealed where the star has really been spending his money. Depp sued the Management Group for over $25 million after they alleged fraud. The claims made by the Group included that Depp failed to pay his taxes on time and has breached his contract. Depp's decision to go after The Management Group led to them filing for a counter suit.

According to The Management Group, Johnny Depp's lifestyle costs $2 million per month in upkeep. The counter suit revealed that Depp had been spending $30,000 per month on wine and spent an additional $5 million to blast an author's ashes from a cannon. These expenses, including the $7 million Depp paid to ex-wife Heard among the domestic abuse allegations in 2016 has led to a disastrous financial situation for the star.

According to the Business Insider, Depp has been continually warned by both family and financial counsel to watch his spending. It is clear that the star did not take this advice to heart and has now landed himself in a very tricky situation.

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