"It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia," but it sure does look cloudy for its fans. It has been recently announced and confirmed by Dennis (played by Glenn Howerton) and Dee (played by Kaitlin Olson) that the much hyped over Season 13 of "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" will be delayed for reasons both personal and professional.

What’s even worse is that everybody has been eagerly looking forward to seeing their favorite gang in action after the recent completion and final of the largely acclaimed Season 12 of the show, and now we’ll have to wait until 2019.

Yep. No new season for over one and a half years. Quite a fat load of bad news to digest.

Inside slice of the cake

In a recent interview, Kaitlin said that the reason for the delay in Season 13 is that everybody from the gang is swamped with their individual projects and that it’ll all come together once they’re done shooting for their other shows. It is a widely known fact that most actors have their charts and calendars booked in advance for at least over two years worth of shows, and this doesn’t come as a surprise at all considering the talent of our beloved gang.

It is entirely possible that Dennis might be there in Season 13, owing to the rumors due to the sly information in the finale of Season 12.

Glenn said in a recent interview that he is open to the possibility of doing more due to the extended hiatus, but there is a slight chance that he might not return, which has left the fans sad and disappointed.

Our thoughts

In accordance with the fourteen season contract, the show has with its network FXX, and it seems inevitable that the gang will return to finish it.

Because the show has attained a lot of traction over its massive twelve seasons of tickling quality drama, it would be an absolute shame if the gang did not return to put a fitting end to their epic saga. We are confident that the gang isn’t the kind to let its fandom down and furthermore their contract with FXX is a ray of hope that we will see more of them.

The achingly long wait will also work in favor of the show as far as the hype is concerned. There is a lot of money on the table for everyone involved in the project. A lot of fans, although bummed with the unfortunate news do believe that it’ll be worth the wait if Glenn Howerton comes back.

Go on, Charlie Day. Work your magic. Make things happen. There is a planet full of fanatics with dreamy eyes who absolutely adore you and your show, and are patiently waiting for the gang’s return on our television sets.