There are a few things that "Archer" fans may need to catch up on before they begin to enjoy the 8th season of the Emmy Award-winning adult cartoon, as well as many things for viewers looking to join the series for the first time during the season premiere on April 5th. Here are just a few of the changes to look forward to with this new season.

Spoilers below:

New network, new era

As season 8 begins, "Archer" becomes the latest show to make the jump from FX to FXX, joining the ranks of live-action comedies "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "You're the Worst." With the move to a new network, the show will also shift over to Wednesday nights at 10 p.m..

But that's not all that's changing this season. When we last left Archer, he was bullet-riddled and floating, face down, in Veronica Deane's pool. Fans immediately began formulating theories about the character's possible death, or how he managed to avoid it. Unfortunately, it seems season 8 will do little to address that mystery at first. Instead, the series will reboot in a noir style set in 1947 and will move away from how we normally see the leading cast of characters.

"Archer: Dreamland" will see Lana as a sexy lounge singer, Ray as a trumpet-blowing band leader, and Pam will finally have her chance to play field agent as "Detective Sergeant Poovey" next to Cyril's new "bad cop" alter-ego.

According to FXX, Archer himself will star as a private investigator who combs Los Angeles for his partner's killer. Series co-creator Matt Thompson told a 2016 New York Comic-Con audience that the "partner" in question is Woodhouse, who was voiced by George Coe, an actor who passed away in 2015.

App launched ahead of premiere

Just ahead of the season premiere, FXX has released a new mobile game to bring fans even closer to the show and their favorite characters. Available for both iOS and Android, "Archer, P.I." allows you to play as the newest investigating partner at Woodhouse & Archer. Beginning April 5th, players will be able to interact with each new episode by capturing images on the screen using their device's camera.

The images can then be used to solve cases within the game.

Prior to the first episode of the season, players are encouraged to search for "Archer" promotional images in their daily life, similar to the game play in the wildly popular "Pokemon Go" app.

"Archer: Dreamland" premieres April 5th on FXX: