"Dancing With the Stars" dancer Val Chmerkovskiy was spotted with a fellow dancer from the show, and it looks like these two may have rekindled their romance. ET shared the details about what it looks like is going on with Val and Jenna Johnson. They have been spotted together, but also just shared pictures on social networks showing they are going out on romantic dates together.

What is going on with Val and Jenna?

First off, both Val and Jenna were in Rome, Italy last week. The posted pictures, but not together. These were even posted near the same time. This had the fans wondering if something was going on with them, though.

They have dated before, and now they are sharing pictures of each other on Snapchat. Val shared a picture of Jenna while she was looking at a menu and said, "I got the best view." She then shared a picture of Val that said, "Views." This has everyone pretty convinced that they are dating once again.

What could this mean for his "Dancing With the Stars" career?

Almost every single season there is a rumor that Val Chmerkovskiy is dating someone on the cast of the show. They partner him up with someone that is single, and the rumors start to fly. This always helps Val out when it comes to getting votes. He is an amazing dancer, but sometimes people want to keep him around so that they can watch the romance and see where it goes for them. Now fans will get the chance to see the romance between Val and Jenna, which they will love watching as well.

Everyone enjoys seeing Maks and Peta together.

Val is so great on the dance floor that this shouldn't affect his chances of winning the show. The viewers would love to see Val take home the mirror ball trophy and maybe having Jenna by his side will just put him in the right place to make the next season easier on him. There are always rumors flying about who will be on the show, but you know that they aren't going to announce anything for a while.

Now that "Bachelor in Paradise" isn't happening, the fans are wondering if that means that the new season of "Dancing With the Stars" will end up starting sooner than usual.

Are you surprised to hear that Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson have rekindled their relationship? Do you feel like they are a great match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Dancing With the Stars" when it returns to ABC.

A new season should start in the fall unless they decide to change things up because of the situation with "Bachelor in Paradise."

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