“Hawaii Five-O” leading man Alex O'Loughlin has been incredibly generous with his thoughts, his talents, and his time in recent months. It was only a while back that the most handsome crime-fighter to ever hit TV screens took the time to share a children's story and his exquisite Australian drawl doing animal sounds. Seeing the outdoorsy actor show his rugged and versatile sides for a cover shoot that ran two weeks ago was another kind of delectable treat for fans. Now, Alex O'Loughlin is taking time out to share what makes his Father’s Day dreams come true.

Since he makes his home now in the USA's most tropical locale, all the traditions of the American Father's Day are for the taking, yet the most simple joys mean the most as his family of three sons grows up.

Jumps make joys

Alex O'Loughlin describes one of the best feelings of Father's Day as “having my kids jump on me,” as revealed in a Watch magazine video. The actor has no qualms about his highest priorities. “Being a husband and a dad” are the two most important things in life for me, “he stresses. That commitment requires sacrifice, and the sacrifices that O'Loughlin has made over the better part of a decade in portraying Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett have been very hard on him physically.

He had back injuries early on in the series that prompted problems with prescribed painkillers, and since then, Alex has relied on numerous non-narcotic methods to ease pain and keep the mobility necessary to be a very present and involved dad. “I don't enjoy anything else more than I enjoy those two things,” the star stresses, and continuing that priceless joy may mean that his time on “Hawaii Five-O” will end after the coming Season 8.

No decision is announced as yet, and time and treatment may extend Alex O'Loughlin’s tour of duty with “Five-O.”


“I think what I like most about Father's Day is…,” O'Loughlin pauses, “I get to say ‘It’s Father's Day, you go get me a thing,” instead of always being the go-to guy for his self-described “man factory” that he dotes on with wife, Malia Jones.

His eldest son, Saxon, is nearing 20, step-son, Spike, is now school-age, and Lion, their son, 4, make a very boisterous brood, but this 40-year-old father is determined to keep up. He deems Father's Day fun because “I get to make unreasonable demands,” that are no-go’s during the remaining 364 days. The only other wish that came to mind for Alex O'Loughlin was “to be by myself, on a mountain,” for a very brief stay, like in his photo shoot.

Partner paternity

Alex O'Loughlin and his on-screen partner in snagging crooks, Scott Caan, have much in common besides their chemistry that sparked from the start on-screen. The stars share birthdays just one day apart in the same year. They playfully have “copied” one another's answers during sessions of responding to fans’ “must know” questions.

Besides fulfilling their obligatory “couples’ therapy” on “Hawaii Five-O,” the pair can also share tips on fatherhood. Scott Caan and actress, Kacy Byxbee, welcomed a daughter, Josie, in July 2014, so the partners can trade bedtime story techniques and tricks for walking across a floor filled with toys in the dark.

“Hawaii Five-O” keeps its feel of “ohana” on set and in real life.