Chandler Mae Crow honored a plan her father made before he passed away on April 1 this year. Her brother, Johnny Crow, was to turn 16 years of age in June and his doting father had put aside some cash for a new guitar for his musician son. On Wednesday this week, Chandler finally got to carry out her father’s wishes to gift Johnny with a new electric guitar and she filmed the whole Birthday surprise, including his emotional reaction on receiving the gift.

Michigan sister organizes surprise gift for brother’s 16th birthday

Johnny’s loving sister posted on Facebook that she had to keep the present a secret right up until Johnny’s birthday.

She went on to tell the Huffington Post that her brother had been wanting this particular electric guitar for a long time. She said Johnny used to joke with their father about getting it one day. Their father, John B. Crow, was proud of his son and was a big supporter of Johnny’s dream of a musical career. He also reportedly lived for his family.

Chandler said their father used to tell everyone he knew the Michigan teen was going to be famous one day and he worked hard towards helping his son to get there. She added that even though their family celebrates a number of birthdays in June, her father had set aside enough to pay for his son’s new electric guitar.

16th birthday surprise caught on video

As reported by People, in the video – the original of which has received more than 9 million views on Facebook – Chandler starts off by announcing that her brother Johnny is getting his 16th birthday surprise. She drives him, blindfolded, to the Port Huron Music Center and when they arrive at the store she hands him a birthday card from his father.

Johnny reads the card out loud, obviously emotional.

Chandler had organized everything well with the store and as she asked Johnny if he was ready to see his present, staff in the music store bring out a large, rectangular box and place it on the counter.

Johnny looks at the box, obviously stunned and amazed. Chandler tells him that their father had bought the gift for him before he passed away two months before, especially for his 16th birthday.

Teen tears up at the sight of his birthday gift from his deceased dad

We then see Johnny tearing up as he opens the box and sees the beautiful electric guitar he has been dreaming of for so long. After we hear Chandler wishing her brother a happy birthday, we then see an emotional Johnny trying out his new musical instrument.

The video is included below with a warning – have some tissues handy! However, these are the best kind of tears.