"The Bachelorette" premiered on ABC on Monday, May 22. All eyes were on Rachel Lindsay, the very first African-American star of the reality dating show. The 31-year-old Dallas, Texas trial attorney got the attention of her suitors, who commented on the dress she was wearing. They had an advantage over those who saw it on television because they saw it up close.

The designer

For her premiere, Rachel chose a custom haute couture gown with an open back by New York fashion and bridal designer Randi Rahm. The designer is well known for her couture gowns, bridal wear and evening wear.

She has a long list of celebrities and socialites for clients, including Beyoncé, Halle Berry, and Mariah Carey.

The dress

The designer sent Rachel about 20 dresses to choose from just for the premiere of "The Bachelorette." Rachel chose more than one, but the dress she settled on was one that fit her personality and let her show off her beauty on the air. The one-of-a-kind white gown was perfect for Rachel's slender body and clung to her in just the right places. The elegant gown was custom made for the bachelorette, but she doesn't get to keep it.

Some reported that the dress weighs 25 pounds, but the designer said it weighs more like 30 pounds. One of Rachel's suitors picked her up in an effort to sweep her off her feet.

Hopefully 30-year-old firefighter Bryce Powers didn't think Rachel was that heavy.

What made the gown so heavy were the bright white beads and Swarovski crystals that were hand-beaded onto the sheer nude overlay. It took the designer and her team over 150 hours to finish the gown for Rachel.

The halter top neckline gave the dress a classic look in the front, and the open back goes down into a deep "V" with straps.

The dress is just as beautiful in the back, and was deliberately designed to show a lot of skin. Rachel had to wear a wrap later on during the night.

For those who loved the look, the gown can be ordered directly through Rahm's New York shop. The 47-year-old designer has similar choices at Saks Fifth Avenue. Rahm is also the designer of the red ensemble dress that was seen in the promotionals for the show.

Rachel will be seen in many different outfits throughout the season. Some clothes will be classy, but there will be times when she will wear casual outfits as well. Whatever she wears, she is sure to wow her suitors and her fans.

Watch "The Bachelorette" on ABC every Monday night at 8 p.m.