Dave Erickson, showrunner for "fear the Walking Dead," has said in the past it would be too difficult to pull a crossover between that show and the original “The Walking Dead.” Now one of the former stars of the latter series has said the same.

No crossover likely between ‘Fear’ and ‘TWD’

As noted by We Got This Covered, Erickson was asked about the possibility of a crossover some time back. He said he believed the two shows should exist “in their own spheres,” and be kept totally separate as it would be too difficult to pull off any kind of crossover.

It turns out he isn’t the only one with that sentiment. Speaking to the LA Times, Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham Ford in “The Walking Dead,” was asked what his favorite part of working on the AMC show was. Cudlitz said, “fan reaction” was the best part for him, especially with the “over the top” tendencies of the show. The actor said this would definitely make it impossible for any of the characters from the show to appear in “Fear.”

Cudlitz said, “The Walking Dead” has a “permission slip” to make things bigger and over the top because the show is based on the graphic novel.

He referred to the [good] ridiculousness of Abraham, his mustache, and attitude, Michonne with her sword and Daryl with his crossbow. He said those characters would never mesh with the more normal, realistic reality of “Fear the Walking Dead.”

Death scene on ‘The Walking Dead’

The subject of the episode of TWD where Abraham was killed by Negan came up in the interview, along with the dreaded cliffhanger that kept fans in suspense for months.

Cudlitz was asked what was harder - getting killed, or having to keep the secret from fans. He didn’t really answer the second half of the question but he did say getting killed wasn’t too bad, and that he had watched the show before appearing in it, and saw his favorite characters killed off. He said, knowing the graphic novels as he does, that you come on the show to die.

Cudlitz did say he was sad to leave the show because the working conditions were great and so were the people he worked with.

The former TWD star then went on to describe how cold it was when they filmed that notorious scene, and how the actors were in that semi-circle for around three to four hours on their knees, in the freezing cold. He also said he was concerned that his death might over-shadow Steven Yeun’s character, Glenn’s death. He said he was glad to see Glenn being mourned more by fans, as he was one of the founding characters, whereas his character, Abraham, while popular, had come in later.

Don’t get happy on ‘The Walking Dead’

When his bonding scene with Sasha, shortly prior to his character’s death was discussed, Cudlitz gave one piece of advice to anyone appearing in the show, he said “Don’t ever get happy,” on “The Walking Dead,” rather just stay miserable.

Readers can enjoy the full interview below.