Followers of Eminem are now thrilled for his upcoming new album, which is set to be released soon, despite the scarcity of details. Now, a recent report from Christian Post has revealed some leaked details about the next album.

Album label, songs, and collaborating artists

Christian Post reported that there were some leaked details about the upcoming album of Eminem, who is also known as Marshall Mathers in real life. According to the news outlet, it will be titled as “Success” with a total of 21 songs that are between four to seven minutes long.

Mathers, according to the publication, would also be making songs along with other artists like Dr. Dre, Mr.

Porter, Just Blaze, Rick Rubin, The Alchemist and more. Rumors are rife that singers like Adele, Vince Staples, 50 Cents, Imagine Dragons and Lana Del Rey.

A leaked photo has also indicated that Mathers will be recording the songs “Everyday” with Chance the Rapper, “Something has changed” with Kid Cudi, “Bullet Proof” with Mastein Bennett, “Ladies and Gentlemen” with Vince Staples and “Black Roses” with The Weekend. The carrier single called “Success” is reportedly the first collaboration of Adele and the “Stan” rapper.

A few weeks ago, Nicki Minaj had also expressed her interest in recording a song together again with Eminem. According to the “Super Bass” hitmaker, she would be glad to collaborate with the “Love the Way You Lie” rapper should she be given a chance.

“Of course I worked with Em on my first album, and of course I love Em...That would be nice, that would be beautiful,” the 34-year old female American rapper divulged.

Eminem has yet to confirm these speculations. Thus, fans should take things lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Release date and other predictions

Meanwhile, a previous Blasting News report had shared that Eminem could release his much-anticipated album in October 2017, which is his birthday month.

The “Lose Yourself” rapper is turning 45 four months from now, and speculations suggest that this is a perfect reason to release a new set of tracks.

XXLMag has also hinted that the “Rap God” hitmaker could be releasing his upcoming album soon after he announced that he is preparing something big for the 15th anniversary of his third album. In fact, Eminem had shared a link that redirects fans to the official website of Shady Records.

The “Mockingbird” rapper has yet to give comment on these reports. Stay tuned for more news and updates about Eminem Album 2017!

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