The United States Supreme Court today challenged President Donald Trump’s executive order on the travel ban on Muslims from seven predominant Arab countries. The move came after a week of the request filed by the Trump administration on an emergency request to impose the ban and let it come to effect. The United States Supreme Court at 3 PM Friday set a limit till June 12th for the high court to review the case filed in by the United States Justice Department.

The order looked into the suspension of 90 days ban by the district courts of Maryland and Hawaii for the entry of Muslims from seven major Muslim countries.

The United States Supreme Court is also looking into the 120 days halt that was blocked by the district court of Hawaii that planned to stop refugees from entering the United States from around the world.

And the hits just keep on coming

The Trump administration made a second attempt in March to impose the travel ban after making a few amendments to the previous travel ban that was enacted in January and was blocked immediately. The ban was imposed after looking into the chaos and the rhetoric created at the airport around the United States. Hence the second attempt was made by the Trump government rather than taking the issue to the United States Supreme Court which is very stern on the issue.

Only last week, the fourth circuit court of appeals upheld the Maryland injection with a vote of 10 is to 3, whereas a three-judge panel of the ninth circuit court is considering to uphold the Hawaii injunction, but no rulings have come out yet.

Administration in trouble

The Trump administration is under a lot of pressure from the members of the Grand old party and the in particular hard-line conservatives to deliver on this key election promise that President Donald Trump made during the 2016 United States election.

And with the United States Supreme Court setting a deadline the coming times are going to be tough for President Trump and the White House.

Trump government is in a desperate attempt to get a win to showcase their might to the citizens of the country. But now, only the time will tell as 12th June’s decline set by the United States Supreme Court approaches, and it looks as if the Trump administration has nothing to show for it.

The President faces an uphill fight convincing the Supreme Court it should grant his emergency request to reinstate his travel ban. We can only hope that something good may still come out of this fray.