We have officially moved past the point of making remakes and adaptations of famous works, and are simply in that terrifying zone where any title can be remade at any point. Taking a popular title and slightly rebranding it for the sake of a different audience had become Hollywood’s forte in the recent past, but now the net seems to be cast in a wider space, looking to rope in any title with some success attached to its name.

This is where the latest adaptation news comes in, one that involves Bong-Joon Ho’s entertaining sci-fi dystopian Snowpiercer”. TNT has been eyeing the film for adaptation for some time now, and it looks like the pace is finally picking up with actors and directors being tied to the series.

The Unstoppable Train

“Snowpiercer” is the story about a train that is continuously traveling around the world all year long, and about its unwilling passengers who are strapped on for the ride. The story is set in the distant future where environmental factors have faced the remaining population of humanity to find shelter in an unstoppable train that is doomed to circle the planet with no other options in hand.

The passengers have been on the train for such a long period of time that the train has managed to distribute itself into different sections of society, starting with the wealthiest who get to ride at the helm of the train and moving on to the poorest who get the tail-end of the train.

The story involves a revolution that is brewing in the poorest parts of the train that threaten to upheaval the order and peace in humanity’s last refuge.

The film is dripping with themes involving environmental and social issues and is quite an interesting choice for an adaptation. Unfortunately too many people did not catch the original, so hopefully, TNT has better luck with its remake.

What to expect

The cast and crew attached to TNT’s adaptation of “Snowpiercer” so far sounds extremely exciting. The director of Doctor Strange Scott Derrickson is set to direct the pilot of the series, while the likes of Daveed Diggs (The Get Down) and Jennifer Connelly (Requiem For A Dream”, “A Beautiful Mind”) are set to take some very important roles in the series.

Diggs is most likely to be cast in Chris Evans’ role from the film, a man at the very heart of the revolution, driving the movement with his will while being haunted by his own past. Connelly will probably dawn the role of “The Voice of the Train”, a role that was brilliantly portrayed by Tilda Swinton in the original film. We don’t have a release date for the pilot yet, but stay tuned right here for more updates regarding “Snowpiercer”.