Recently, the news team revealed that "The Bold and the Beautiful" actress Lindsey Godfrey hopped on her official Instagram account to deliver a very positive message for her fans. She posted a photo of herself on the set of the show and captioned it by saying that Caroline is back! This is quite a 180 degree turn from what she told Soap Opera Digest just a few weeks earlier. At that time, she proclaimed that she had a heavy heart because she thought that her character would not be returning.

Even more work

She even went on to say how great it was to work with her castmates and that she was proud of all the work they did.

Well, it sounds like she's going to be able to put in even more work. Sources for said that "The Bold and the Beautiful" show actually reached out to her to get her back for a couple of episodes. Judging from that, it doesn't sound like she'll be back full-time. She'll probably just be back for some recurring spots, which is definitely better than not appearing at all.

The show would not comment on this news because they don't discuss casting and contract details. So, with that said, we unfortunately don't have any storyline details for Caroline at the moment. They did manage to give us some idea of when we might see her on-screen again. They stated that it will be in about a month. So, we're looking at late July or early August 2017.

You'll definitely want to watch out for her return.

Left town with Thomas

Godfrey's last appearance on the show as Caroline was way back in October 2016. She left town with Thomas to go to New York and visit her mother after convincing him that their family should be united. Shortly after that, Caroline decided to break up with Thomas yet again. This prompted Thomas to return to Los Angeles.

It's definitely going to be very interesting to see what she will pull off in this latest return.

Before her exit last year, the actress played the character for 4 long years. She first arrived on the scene with her mother, Caroline Spencer. She got employed as a designer at Forrester Creations. At one point, she dated and married Rick Forrester. After that, she eventually got involved in a mess that led to her divorcing Rick and dating Ridge.

Crazy acts

She also committed a few crazy acts. One of them included her stealing Pamela Douglas' anti-anxiety pills. Another situation involved her trying to claim that the baby she had with Thomas was actually Ridge's baby. She's definitely no stranger to scandal. Stay tuned.

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