Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have finally decided to move on from their marriage when they submitted their petitions for divorce in April. The formal filing came two years after the celebrity couple announced that they are putting an end to their decade-long marriage in 2015.

In a joint statement, the Hollywood A-listers said their decision to separate was determined "after much thought and consideration" but refused to provide the reasons for the split. They, however, promised to continue co-parenting their children and asked the public to respect the privacy of their family.

The shocking announcement came a day after Affleck and Garner celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. But according to an affiliate, the two have been living apart for almost a year even before the separation was made public.

No chance of reconciliation

Two months after filing for divorce, the former lovers and their three kids enjoyed a Family Vacation in the Bahamas last week. Several sources told E! News that the whole family stayed in Baker's Bay with other family friends.

Their recent trip has caused the fans to speculate whether they are getting back together or not. Another insider, however, clarified that both parties are in the process of moving on from their failed marriage but will continue to their shared roles as parents to Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

It was further revealed that the whole family stayed at a beachfront house where they used to stay in their previous Bahamas getaways. "It's an annual tradition for them when the kids get out of school to come for a long vacation," the source added.

'We are definitely a modern family'

Affleck and Garner have always been vocal about their desire to be the best parents to their three children.

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Hence, the ex-couple regularly attend weekend services with the kids aside from going on family vacations every year. Regardless of how they are handling the situation, the "Alias" alum is just happy that both of them are doing well.

The 45-year-old actress added she and her estranged husband are "great friends" and will remain that way for the children.

Affleck, in a previous interview, commended his ex-wife for being an "amazing mother" and even expressed his gratitude for having his "Daredevil" co-star as his partner in raising their kids. He explained that both of them are really trying their best to put their children first over their personal issues.