Reality Steve always does a great job of revealing spoilers. Recently, he shared that carly Waddell and Evan Bass would be getting married and it would be recorded because it would happen during "Bachelor in Paradise." Everyone loved this idea, but news came out today that "Bachelor in Paradise" has halted filming and that all of the cast was sent home after some drama went down. Now, everyone wants to know what this means for Evan Bass and Carly Waddell's big day that didn't happen yet. So far, both are staying quiet on Twitter about it.

What could happen with Carly and Evan's wedding?

Now that "Bachelor in Paradise" is filming, the fans want to know what will happen with the wedding. On Monday nights in August, ABC is going to need something to fill that spot. It sounds like they will be without a show for several weeks. One thing that fans are speculating is that they could give Carly and Evan a live wedding or even just a wedding special that was pre-recorded. This would make fans happy and also give this couple their televised wedding.

You know that Carly and Evan will still want to get married. They are head over heels in love and have just been waiting on their wedding. They could still go ahead and go to Mexico for the wedding.

They probably have it all planned out and you know that a lot of people from Bachelor Nation would be attending the big day. There is no reason that their wedding can't still air on television, they just have to figure it all out.

What updates are Carly and Evan giving?

Six hours ago Evan simply shared a small gif of when he gave Carly a rose during their time on "Bachelor in Paradise." Carly Waddell went to Twitter and said, "I want @DearEvanHansen to win at #TheTonyAwards2017 so much I forgot about the @PredsNHL in the #StanleyCupFinals #donttellevan(Myevan)." This of course has nothign to do with the wedding or the fact that "Bachelor in Paradise" won't be airing now.

There are some questions coming out about the wedding, but she isn't answering those at all. The fans can just hope that Carly and Evan will give an update or that Reality Steve will be able to figure out the plans for their big day.

Are you shocked to hear that "Bachelor in Paradise" isn't filming? Do you hope that Carly Waddell and Evan Bass get a wedding special? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Rachel Lindsay trying to find love on Monday nights on ABC on "The Bachelorette."