DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios are probably the hottest names on the internet right now after their alleged sexual act compelled the "Bachelor in Paradise" production to suspend their filming in Mexico. While the show and the contestants involved are still under investigation, representatives from both parties have provided their initial statements on what happened in Puerta Vallarta.

"Misconduct in the workplace"

An affiliate of DeMario told TMZ that the male contestant has denied that he and Corinne engaged in sexual intercourse while filming "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4.

The source, however, added that the reported misconduct involved "rubbing, touching, and fingering" while the cameras were rolling.

A source from Corinne’s party revealed that the female cast barely remembers what happened between her and the male contestant as “she was blackout drunk” that night. In fact, another insider said the female contestant was "limp and was sliding under the water," while the other party was allegedly trying to keep a hold of her and continued what he was doing.

The two "Bachelor in Paradise" contestants were immediately sent home after a "third party" filed a complaint about their behavior on the set. The rest of the participants were later requested to stay at home until the investigation is done.

The recent controversy is expected to have an impact on the show's reputation. In fact, the entire "Bachelor in Paradise" is still in limbo after the issue was brought to light. Chris Harrison, however, is still optimistic that the reality program will be given the green light to continue the filming in Mexico.

DeMario back in L.A. after scandal

The 30-year-old participant was spotted for the first time after his newest controversy broke out. DeMario was previously kicked out from Rachel Lindsay's "The Bachelorette" for lying about his girlfriend. When asked about his scandal with Corinne, the male contestant refused to comment and said his co-participant is “an awesome” girl.

The "Bachelor in Paradise" cast member also thanked his supporters for backing him up in this difficult time. Meanwhile, an affiliate said DeMario thinks the story has been overstated after it came out. He, however, is confident that a video recording of that night will reveal the truth.

Corinne, on the other hand, reportedly hired a lawyer to handle the case. She is also putting the blame on the show's producers for letting the incident happen.