Chris Soules' legal team is prepping for "The Bachelor" star's trial that begins next month. In April, Soules was arrested at his home after leaving the scene of an accident, death resulting.

With his trial just weeks away, the Iowa native is reportedly having a tough time dealing with the possibility that he could face jail time. Chris was charged with a Class D felony, a charge that carries up to five years in jail and some hefty fines.

'Bachelor' star is 'freaking out'

Hollywood Life reports that a "Bachelor" franchise insider has revealed that Chris is so nervous about the upcoming trial that he "can't sleep at night." The insider goes on to say that the reality star is "freaking out" about the very thought of jail time because "he feels like it would ruin his life.”

"Chris is freaking out over his trial and can’t sleep at night,” the source tells Hollywood Life.

"He has no idea how a jury will react to the facts of his case."

It won't be long before Chris has to face a judge and jury. According to Us Weekly, his trial is scheduled to begin on July 19, with a pre-trial conference slated for Tuesday, July 11.

The trial won't be held in Iowa, where the farmer-turned-reality-star lives. Instead, Chris and his legal team will travel to a courthouse in Buchanan County in Missouri.

Media coverage will be limited inside the courtroom, with Page Six reporting that presiding Judge Kellyann Lekar ruled that reporters must give 24 hours’ notice to attend proceedings, and cannot come and go from the courtroom unless there is a break.

Additional charges coming?

For now, Chris has been charged with a Class D felony for leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

However, KCRG reports that prosecutors have filed documents that prove the "Bachelor" star purchased beer shortly before the accident. Partially consumed beverages were reportedly found in Chris' truck.

Authorities did not test Chris for driving under the influence of alcohol because he was not arrested for hours after the accident. If they can, somehow, prove that he was intoxicated, he could face up to 25 years in jail.

No 'Bachelor in Paradise' appearance for Chris

Prior to Soules' arrest, there was speculation that he would be part of the "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 cast this summer. Filming for the show is already underway in Sayulita, Mexico. Chris obviously won't be looking for love on TV anytime soon.

With his trial starting in July, and the possibility that he will face jail time, Soules won't have to opportunity to mix and mingle with the "Bachelor" franchise singles.

Instead, he'll be counting down the day until he has to go to court for his trial.

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