It is good news, and there is bad news for Attack On Titan fans as the series goes into another major turning point in the anime industry. The bad news is that the incredibly consistent season 2 drops the curtain with its final episode “Scream.” However, the good news is that Wit Studio will not make us wait another four years to release the sequel of the critically acclaimed anime.

Season 3 officially announced!

In the past, the anime undergoes a 4-year break because of Wit Studio’s scheduling issues and Japan’s ongoing animation crisis. Others claimed that the company’s double dipping into series like “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” also contributed to season 2’s delays.

These controversies lead fans to ask when will season 3 debut or if the series will be ever continued.

Season 3’s official Release Date has always been the topic of fan sites and forums, especially that season 2 was announced to have 12 episodes which are half fewer than its predecessor. Though fans are not expecting another 4-year hiatus, they are assuming that the earliest season 3 will come around is sometime in 2019. However, the fans are struck dumb as Wit Studio officially dropped the bombshell when they attached an image that teased the return of the anime next year.

At the end of episode 37 aired in Japan, an image carrying the anime’s logo was broadcasted, and it revealed that the series would return in 2018 for an exciting season 3.

The official announcement was also relayed on the show’s official Twitter account including the teaser image. Meanwhile, FUNimation also released a 16-second video that shows what to expect in the third season. At the very end of the video, a message was portrayed that says "Behold, the sea."

What to expect?

Storywise, the second season raised more questions than answers are there are many mysteries are left untouched way back on the first season.

One significant example is the secret that lies in Eren’s basement which was never even mentioned in the second season. We also barely got an explanation on what the “Coordinate” is or what is the story behind the Titans within the walls. However, these questions are expected to be answered into a more compact season 3.

For manga readers, they all know that the next big event that will happen is the coup d’etat where Survey Corps will rise against the ruling monarch of the wall.

It will be followed by another exciting story where the Survey Corps will try to reclaim Wall Maria by sealing the hole in Shiganshina district. In the battle for Wall Maria, several major characters will meet their demise, and the real story behind the Titan will be revealed.

As of the moment, there is no information on how many episode season three will include or when is the exact date that the series will resume. However, we can expect that the show is in good hands especially that Wit Studio looked liked they are putting “Attack on Titan” on their top priority. For more details let us wait for “AoT” event in October hosted by Wit Studio themselves.