Caitriona Balfe of "Outlander" just finished up filming season 3, but the last day of filming didn't go as planned for her. IB Times shared the details about how Caitriona Balfe ended up getting injured during filming and went to her social networks to share the details with her fans. She does a great job of updating everyone on her Instagram page about what is going on with her during filming.

What happened to Caitriona Balfe on the set?

All that happened to Caitriona Balfe was a small red mark on her face, but she actually blamed it on her good friend and co-star Sam Heughan. Of course, these two work together a lot on the show.

They actually had to film a few stunts for this season of "Outlander, " and they did some of them on the last day of filming. She teased that this injury is the reason that they save these things to be filmed for the very last day.

They were actually doing something out on the water in a boat. It turns out that Sam actually ran them into a log. Of course, this wasn't on purpose, but that is what caused Balfe to get the red mark on her face. She actually ended up face first on this log. Hopefully, they were able to laugh about it all after they realized that she wasn't hurt too bad. At least it was the last day of filming and they didn't have to find a way to cover it up with makeup for very long.

Caitriona also mad a short video of their wrap party

In this small video, it looked like Balfe was doing well and having fun at the party. Sam was there as well having a good time, but they weren't giving away "Outlander" spoilers to the fans even though they really want to hear them. She has left Cape Town and is headed back home. Now that "Outlander" is done filming, she can get a break and enjoy some time off.

They will have to film the next season, but no word on how long she will get a break before heading back to work. Sam and Caitriona are both in need of some time off.

"Outlander" just finished filming season three of the show and they are already working on writing season four. The fans can't wait to see the new season and see how it all goes. Luckily, this show sounds like it will be around for a while.

Are you shocked to hear that Caitriona Balfe was injured during filming? Are you excited for season 3 of "Outlander" to air on Starz? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Outlander" when it returns to Starz. It will start airing on Starz in September and the fans feel like that can't get here soon enough.

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