Famous plus size model Ashley Graham has opened up about the horrors of Sexual Harassment she experienced when she was barely 17 years old. Graham recalled the time during a campaign job where she experienced for the second time being sexually harassed as per Enstars. The first time she was harassed was when she was 10 and the son of a family friend forced her to touch him. The revelation she did with Glamour magazine all the more earned her the respect of fellow women. Her past experiences have led her to be confident about her body and to project a positive image.

And she's not the only one.

Graham, Blanchard women advocates after harassment

Rowan Blanchard, who is a strong advocate of feminism, experienced instead the trauma of being catcalled. She revealed that the experience created fear in her thinking that maybe she did something to deserve such a treatment. In the same way, Ashley Graham thought that she gave the signal to be harassed or she did something to encourage such degrading act. Blanchard had realizations and did not want the same thing to happen to her sister or any girl for that matter.

The “Girl Meets World” star who played Riley Matthews is interested in things concerning women like white feminism. She revealed that she is learning a lot about feminism on Tumblr.

Blanchard is also outspoken when it comes to her sexuality stating that she prefers to be called queer. Like many celebrities, she does not want to put a label on her sexuality. Blanchard is never idle despite acting breaks, she writes books and attends women conventions, on top of being a regular supporter of worldwide movements for humanitarian projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Ashley Graham proud of her plus size body

Graham is a famous model despite her plus-size body. The 29-year-old model is not at all bothered with her body. However when she talked about her “fat days” many social media users were pissed off most especially when she said that even supermodels have their “fat days.” She was accused of going against her body positivity advocacy when she said that there are days when she feels “fat.”

Ashley Graham represents a large chunk of the female population who deviate from the generally accepted size.

She is the epitome of many women in the world that despite their size, they are confident. Just like Rowan Blanchard, she promotes confidence in being a woman despite imperfections. They also represent the women achievers who persistently follow their dreams against all odds.