The Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard who played the lovable Riley Matthews in the “Boy Meets World” spin-off has come a long way. She has traveled a path most girls her age will never dare walk. The 15-year-old teen star has been working for equality, social justice, and empowerment of women and children in the world.

Rowan Blanchard honored for empowering children

In view of her selfless endeavors, she will be honored at the "Children Mending Hearts’ 2017 Annual Empathy Rocks Fundraiser" next month. The citation is for young humanitarians who believe and practice equality and empathy, promote and pursue social justice, and provide inspiration to young ones to become promoters of change within their own communities and the whole world in general.

"Girl Meets World” lead star Rowan Blanchard was reportedly having a conflict with Uriah Shelton who played Uncle Josh in the series. The feud rooted from their differing political views on feminism. Shelton revealed that Blanchard did not like him because he liked “anti-feminist” comments. The young star was a self-confessed feminist.

In a recent report, it was hinted that the conflict has possibly affected the fate of “Girl Meets World.” Since the group of actors particularly Blanchard and Shelton are not on good terms, it has affected the renewal of season 4. But Michael Jacobs, creator of the show denied the idea that the two actors caused the cancellation of the spin-off. He revealed that the show was shelved because he failed to find a new home for it.

Rowan Blanchard busier after 'Girl Meets World'

Despite the efforts of the cast to convince Disney to retain the show and the petition of avid fans to continue airing the show, the show has wrapped up. Now the cast has to find other projects like Blanchard who got a role in Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time.”

Freeform was expected to take it because it caters most for adult dramas, but the network did not.

Disney Channel can no longer air it because the storyline has leaped to more mature plots to which its audience cannot relate. Although it was not yet the time to end, “Girl Meet World” made its final bow in the episode “Girl Meets Goodbye.”

Despite losing the show, Rowan Blanchard was never idle. She even found the time to put her efforts into more lofty dreams for the world. Blanchard wrote a book for children, a compilation of her diary entries. A talent like Blanchard’s will surely go a long, long way.