Alex O'Loughlin and his small screen alter ego left some fans in a frenzy at the close of the “Hawaii Five-O” Season 7 finale just weeks ago. The man who embodies Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett as leader of the most elite crime-fighting force on the island was seen battling his own body.

Although showing as fine a physique as ever, and not shying away from one of his most daring intercepts to stop a sex trafficking fiend, the “Five-O” leader seemed a tad bit frail. Fans are not used to seeing Alex O’Loughlin on camera nursing ailments with prescribed pills in the hand portraying his uncompromising character.

It was not until Danny beat on the bathroom door that his partner divulged that radiation poisoning was taking a toll on his health.

All that, as they say, is television. Alex O'Loughlin demonstrated his form and fitness for all the world to see in a recently released photo shoot for CBS Watch Magazine. The shoot was led by a renowned photographer and captured Alex portraying another essence of a rugged traveler. Hs poses make the perfect prescription for any worries over his drama’s or his character’s future.

From horseback to hunting on his home island

Alex O'Loughlin and his wife, surfer, model, and devoted mom, Malia Jones, have made their home on Oahu for many years with their family of three boys.

Hawaii means community, friendships, and memories that are forever part of the soul of the leading man.

"It's where my son was born,” he reflects of the birth of Lion, now 4. It's no wonder that the leading man knew something about the wondrous scenery of Kualoa Ranch where famed photographer, Nino Munoz, came to capture Alex from lush bush to shore, and in between.

The star rides a steed as well as he does a shiny motorcycle, donning a variety of attire. The shots are a feast for the eyes, served up like a tasty tray of summer hors d'oeuvres.

Alex described that he felt “honored” to be selected by the acclaimed Munoz and that much of the credit for the photo shoot’s success is just “Hawaii doing what it does.” O'Loughlin didn't mind at all that the props included a vintage Royal Enfield motorbike “with plenty of bags” perfect for a roaming traveler.

There is also a collection of galloping scenes on horseback, and wandering through grasslands with a walking stick. There is an old-style campsite setting with a rifle at the actor’s side as he journals, wearing a leather jacket from Joe's Jeans.

Easier duty

In the case of Alex O'Loughlin, the clothes definitely don't make the man. Nonetheless, the day close to home having some fun in front of the camera as a model is surely an easier work day than the ones on the “Hawaii Five-O” set. There are no sutures or bandages to be seen! The dedicated star has said that Season 8, starting in the fall, will be his last on “Hawaii Five-O.”

Faithful fans can only hope that McGarrett can be put on light duty while he conquers his toxins, and that may just give Alex O'Loughlin reason to stay. Perhaps fans should heed their favorite star’s advice when he gets too stressed in attempting to live up to Navy Seal standards week to week as McGarrett, “Keep calm and have another cold one.”