The first season of "13 Reasons Why" left fans in need of more, and finally after a lot of speculation, executive Producer Selena Gomez officially announced the 2nd season via Instagram. She announced it through a trailer that featured the most iconic locations of the first season. By taking into account that it takes around 12 months for a Netflix show to be written and filmed, a release date in the beginning of Spring 2018 is what fans are speculating. The storyline of the second season will take place a couple of months after the ending of the first season.

Will Hanna Baker be back?

Yorkey stated for the press that Hanna's death will still be a major part of this upcoming season's story line. The events of the previous season will be featured in a new light and context. A lot of gaps that left devoted fans wondering and even panicking in some cases will be answered. They will assist in the better explanation of who Hanna Baker truly was and how her life lead her to particular events.

What are the consequences for Bruce?

The season finale ended with Jessica admitting to her father that she had been raped, and after that reveal fans want to see Jessica finally get the justice she deserves. Although she will go back to school and hopefully recover from what happened to her, fans still want to see Bruce get what he deserves.

Who shot Alex?

The actor who plays Alex, Miles Heizer, suggested that a suicide attempt was far more likely than a murder, because there were a lot of similarities and warning signs to look for between his character and Hannah's. Whereas Alex survived, in order to appear in the next season, the odds are in the fans' favor. We still have not seen the end of Alex.

Is Tyler plotting something malevolent?

Although no particular details are being revealed, something major is supposed to go down this upcoming season. All the cliffhangers that left fans full of doubts, and burning questions will supposedly be answered. All the traumas that happened to the main characters are related, and the story line will explore the light at the end of the tunnel for these kids.

Although it may be painful at some cases, the show directors stated that they would continue truthfully.

What else to expect?

It was Selena Gomez and her mom that reserved the rights to the book, and although initially she was supposed to play Hannah Baker, it she ended up being the Executive Producer. She revealed in an interview with Hollywood reporter that there are more stories to tell, which indicates that the second season writing has already started. Apparently the main focus of this upcoming season will be going beyond the already settled story lines and characters.

However, there are many fans that enjoyed the show so much, they are afraid that a sequel might ruin the mystery. According to them, the feeling of being haunted is what made the show amazing in the first place, so it would be much better for the fans to be left wondering and thirsty for answers. Whatever the case, fans only want the same essence and gripping story lines seen in the first season of "13 Reasons Why".