No one know for certain what direction "General Hospital," will take the Quartermaine family in the future. Tracy left town on Thursday, and now they have need of a new fearless leader. Michael is running ELQ, the family business, and Ned has decided to take on the Quartermaine surname. Monica owns the home, but spends most of her days at the hospital. And of course, there are all those long lost kin folk. Edward the patriarch seems to have sowed his oats all over the place. His two legitimate heirs with wife Lila were Alan and Tracy.

Edward's illegitimate lot

Bradley Ward and Jimmy Lee Holt are Edward Quartermaine's sons from women who were not his wife.

Skye Chandelor is the adopted daughter of Edward's son Alan. Between these 3 there are children of a new generation, who may one day want to stake their claim. Before leaving town this past Thursday, Tracy thought Simira, a young lady from Turkey, may have been her half-sister. A DNA test proved she was not. At a time like this, with so few folk to run the mansion, anything is possible. People might come out of the woodwork in an attempt to claim an inheritance they believe is rightfully theirs.

A hostile takeover of ELQ is imminent

Unless the writers forsake history, or focus on other characters, an ELQ takeover plot is imminent. Over the decades there have been attempts at hostile takeovers from strangers, as well as from those within the family.

The most recent was when Nicholas Cassadine owned controlling shares of the company. With Tracy gone, and her great nephew Michael being new to the business world, someone may be lurking, ready to strike. As older people used to say, the Quartermaines are "ripe for the picking."

Michael was raised by mob boss Sonny Corinthos, so he probably would not be interested.

Sonny is also embroiled in what looks to be a nasty divorce. Mobster Julian Jerome is behind bars, so the candidate most likely is Julian's sister Ava. Ms. Jerome has her hands in just about everything. She slept with her daughter Kiki's ex, Morgan, so it would be nothing for her to try to take the inheritance of Tracy's son Dillon who is now dating Kiki.

At one point Ava allowed Kiki to falsely believe she was a member of the Quartermaine family.

The vultures circling the mansion and ELQ could be just about anyone. An enemy from long ago could resurface. And of course a new villain could be written into the script. And let's not forget in-fighting. Ned and/or Dillon may believe Michael can't cut the mustard. On Thursday, as Tracy was leaving town, everyone was feeling the love. In time, however, things could change, and it will be fun to watch it all unfold.