Surprising! Just a few days before the opening of a new chapter of "Dragon Ball Super", the tension continues to discover who will be the replacement of majin buu, as this warrior has fallen asleep and does not intend to wake up for several weeks, right on The moment when it is only a few hours before the start of the power tournament.

Fortunately, it is known that Son Goku could summon a new individual who would be the immediate replacement of Buu, but unfortunately he would not have the appreciation of all, given that on a previous occasion, this new subject recruited has eradicated many of the current members.

That's right, we mean the evil emperor of the universe seven, the great Freezer. The image can be seen in the photo gallery of this note. In this context, before the incessant search of members, a fan has built a particular image where shows us the ideal team of the tournament of power. Who is it? We will comment below.

Broly is very strong?

Undoubtedly, the legendary warrior would be an excellent participant capable of defeating as many enemies as possible. Although it is an exclusive subject of "Dragon Ball Z" films, non-canonical in the animated series or in the manga, it would be a difficult opponent to win. Unfortunately, it will only be a dream of many fans, but for the luck of Many we would see its female version in Dragon Ball Super.

Vegetto the only one who can win?

The powerful fused warrior would undoubtedly be the team's secret weapon. No one could stop him. The simple fact that in theory they have a power that surpasses the very destructive God, is more than sufficient to know that it would finish with the rest of the enemies immediately.

Additional information

Gotenks SSJ3 and Gohan definitive The sons of Son Goku and Vegeta would be the preferred warriors on this occasion, because they have an unquestionably high level, besides giving joy and enthusiasm to the series. Your podes is superior to Super Saiyan phase three and at least several universes would be defeated by them.

Tapion: Although not a very powerful character, has legendary abilities and is able to lock up warriors with supreme power. Basically, consider their integration because it is a beloved character that many yearn for.

Freezer, Cell, Android 17, 18, Majin Buu, the old villains of the series would be an essential part of the plot, since the fact that they were once considered as enemies would now prove their worth for the protection of their own universe, even though some of them have been eradicated. There is no doubt that DBS is getting much more interesting.