Maddie Ziegler’s career definitely skyrocketed after appearing on the hit Lifetime show, “Dance Moms.” The 14-year-old dancer has added model, actress, writer, and businesswoman to her already impressive resume, but she revealed that her road to stardom was certainly not as easy as everyone thought. The star revealed that she even received backlash from those she thought were her friends at the time.

The “Book of Henry” star recently shared in an interview that she has dealt with fake friends before. Since chloe lukasiak has been Maddie Ziegler’s friend and they are each other’s biggest rival, many assumed that the “Dance Moms” alum was talking about her former Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Junior Elite Competition team member.

However, the star was talking about her so-called friends in school.

'Dance Moms' alum shares what it's like to deal with fake friends

“I learned at a very young age that not everyone is your true friend and not everyone is going to like you,” Maddie Ziegler told J-14. “One girl in our group would say mean things to me like, ‘Why are you wearing your hair like that?,’ or ‘Your outfit’s ugly.”

The former “Dance Moms” star confessed that she shed a lot of tears because of these fake friends. Still, Maddie Ziegler made sure that she was not going to let mean comments pull her down, instead, she took it as a lesson to never be friends with someone that does not see the good in her.

It’s definitely not easy for Maddie Ziegler to find real friends, as she is always busy and not all girls and boys her age can understand that.

Fortunately, the popular teen has found a group of people whom she can count on, saying, “I have the most amazing friends!”

'The Book of Henry' actress finally found her BFF!

Maddie Ziegler and “Stranger Things” actress, Millie Bobby Brown have been each other’s best friend, and it all started when the latter visited the former “Dance Moms” star at one of her shows, and then they started to bond on social media.

Since then, the duo has become inseparable and have been the epitome of #BFFGoals.

“Millie came to a filming of 'So You Think You Can Dance' and came in my dressing room to meet me,” Maddie Ziegler shared. “After, we would DM each other.”

The "Book of Henry" actress then recalled that they became even closer after she and Millie Bobby Brown had a sleep over at her place and the fire alarm suddenly went off. The incident definitely broke the ice and they quickly bonded after that.