Netflix is proving that online movie and series streaming can be as powerful as the small tube called television. The online streaming company has been getting more and more audiences in the long run and is even considered as a worthy competition of TV networks.

The diversity of choices of movies and TV series that offers viewers a convenient option of when and where to watch it is one of the factors that has boosted Netflix to the top. But with all the choices of Netflix series to watch, some viewers seem to have a hard time choosing what series to watch first. Well, worry no more for this article will lay out five highly-recommended Netflix series that are worth binging on.

Speaking of binging, Netflix has been considered to be the catalyst that has inspired the concept of watching series whenever, wherever it is convenient. A lot of its users have chosen the service because they want to watch a certain series without having to wait for another week for the next episode.

'Arrested Development'

This gem of a series from Fox is top billed by Jason Bates, Portia de Rossi, and Will Arnett. This is a series recommended for those who are not in it for the long haul, as it is only composed of three seasons.

However, although this series ran only for four seasons, it's jam-packed with a mix of comedy and drama that captures the complexity of family ties. Funny, uncomplicated storyline drizzled with great actors make this Netflix series one of the best.

'Parks And Recreation'

This series had a first impression of being too closely patterned to "the office." Topbilled by Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, Aziz Ansari and Rob Lowe, among a few, the series eventually got viewers hooked as it proved that it was way different than "The Office."

Of course, politics and dynamics in the workplace are still highlighted in the series.

Viewers can definitely relate to the funny and sometimes crazy antics portrayed by different characters with different personalities in the series.

'Breaking Bad'

"Breaking Bad" has truly made history as it turned out to be one of the most watched and followed series until it ended in 2013. Walter White's character was the perfect mix of good and evil, always putting the viewers on the edge of their seats every episode.

The popularity of the series continued even after a couple of years have passed since the series finale. Reports about "Breaking Bad" season 6 circulated online but the producers have clarified that it was only a hoax.

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