In "The White Princess," Lizzie's mother welcomed a young man who claimed to be Richard. The Duchess believes that "The Boy" will be the next king of England but is he really Prince Richard or a mere imposter? In episode 7, Lizzie meets "The Boy" but it is still ambiguous if he is indeed Richard or not.

The story of the lost prince

"The White Princess" episode 8 will reveal the weaknesses of King Henry VII but viewers are more intrigued about the real personality of "The Boy." Viewers need to look back to the prequel of the show, "The White Queen" to get the answers about Richard. It is said that King Richard III is the person responsible for the disappearance of the lost York princes.

The mother of Henry VII, Margaret Beaufort ordered the murders of the two princes. But the princes' mother, Elizabeth Woodville managed to save Richard by switching him with a peasant boy. Hence, during the debut of the "White Princess," Richard is still missing while Henry VII is seated as the king.

Despite being missing for a long time, Elizabeth Woodsville still believes that her son Richard will come back to remove King Henry VII from the throne. Meanwhile, Margaret, the Duchess of Burgundy, believes that he is Richard, but the Tudors are not convinced.

With that, they captured him and declared that he is a mere impostor and his real name is Perkin Warbeck. However, Lizzie believes that he is her brother so she burned the king's robe room to set him free.

As for Richard, he walked out of the burning castle saying that he is the real prince and that he will claim his throne.

Clues that Richard is not an impostor

The Inquisitr listed some evidence that "The Boy" is indeed Richard. One important clue is that the Duchess immediately recognized him the first time they met. Also, Lizzie had an emotional reaction when she first saw "The Boy." She tearfully looks at him and turns away.

While in her room, Lizzie was seen crying and trembling which may prove that Richard is indeed her brother.

Maggie, Lizzie's cousin, also believes that Richard is the real deal since he recalled a Christmas moment during their childhood. He also knows family secrets like the name of their father's mistress. "The Boy" also knows every detail on the day he disappeared which is something only the family knows.

When King Henry VII asked Richard to speak to Lady Catherine Gordon, the King said that he should talk to Cathy in character. But Richard wonders why he needs to act when he is the real prince.

"The White Princess" episode 8 titled Two Kings will air on Sunday, June 4, at 8 p.m. on Starz.

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