"The Originals" Season 4 has been a pretty rough journey for the Mikaelsons since the first episode and the recent turn of events looks as bad as it always was, all because of one reason - The Hollow. While everyone is aware that an original can't be killed, the undertakings may turn out different now that they're facing an enemy who's unimaginably powerful.

Speaking of power, the recent favors have sided with the enemy, especially when Elijah (Daniel Gillies) met his unfortunate death after Sofya, who was possessed by The Hollow at the time, stabbed him with the killing dagger.

Elijah's death didn't look like a shocker for the viewers since this character has gone through multiple deaths before but still survived.

What we know about Elijah's fate

While everyone could only hope for this well-loved character to return from his defeat, The Hollow will definitely do whatever it takes to keep him dead for the time-being. Given the enemy's powerful agenda in using Elijah as bait to lure the Mikaelsons to their downfall, it seems like we won't be seeing the kind-hearted original vampire in the next episode of "The Originals" season 4. Elijah's fate has left many viewers totally clueless and some thinks that an original's death would be too soon to predict

A few episodes left and the hit supernatural series will be wrapping up its final chapter, but a lot of twists and unforeseen events are still expected to be underway.

One is the anticipation of the said sacrifice which may be coming into view in episode 10. The spoilers and theories were all predictions but considering what The Hollow's power and menacing plans can really do, it's not impossible to see another important character die before "The Original" season 4 finale.

What to expect in #The Originals season 4 episode 10

As the series moves closer to its farewell, the tension between the Mikaelsons and The Hollow is slowly growing. With this, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will make his own plan to turn down everyone's enemy and he will seek help from his estranged siblings Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) in the latter.

Running to his siblings for help might be the only option that he has come up with after losing Elijah. Three originals against one enemy don't seem fair enough but seeing how deadly the enemy is, Klaus's decision to get Rebekah and Kol can be their last card to win.

Check "The Originals" season 4 episode 10 "Phantomesque" teaser promo below.