The newest movie from the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" series was stolen by hackers who are now threatening to publish the film online if they don't receive money, according to According to the quoted publication, hackers demand a huge amount of money. The amount of money they want was not made public at the moment. Disney is now working with FBI agents and they will not give up.

Disney refuses to give money to the hackers

Disney's chief executive, Bob Iger, has assured that the entertainment giant is refusing to submit to blackmail. Disney's chief has made these statements during a meeting in New York with the ABC's employees.

According to The Weekly, who cites several anonymous sources, Disney collaborates with federal police to identify any leaked information regarding the film. Iger did not give more details about the stolen movie.

'Salazar's revenge' — the new movie from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series

The Deadline website claims that the stolen movie is the new episode from "Pirates of the Caribbean" which is going to premiere on May 26th this year. They don't mention their sources. However, other sources claim that the film which was stolen by the hackers would be the new adventures of Flash McQueen — the famous Pixar character — which is going to premiere in June.

"Salazar's revenge" is the fifth part of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series.

The story is about the confrontation between Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Deep) and the pirates headed by Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem). Since its launch in 2003, the franchise has accumulated $ 3.7 billion in revenue.

According to Paul Tassi, a science fiction writer and a commentator for Forbes, if "Salazar's revenge" is the movie hijacked by hackers, the impact on Disney would be limited because the launch date is very close.

Tassi believes that Johnny Depp's fans will always prefer to see his films on the big screen. He also pointed out that these films are available very quickly after their release on many websites.

Hackers threaten to publish sequences from the movie

The hackers have asked for a compensation paid in bitcoin, a virtual currency that guarantees perfect anonymity.

They threatened to publish the first five minutes of the movie, then also the next 20 minutes, if they don't receive the required amount of money.

Netflix was also a victim of this type of cyber piracy. Hackers have published online ''Orange is the New Black'' series before its official premiere on Netflix.