Warner Bros has released a new teaser trailer for “Dunkirk.” The trailer opens with hundreds of Allied and British troops surrounded by enemy forces. It seems that they are stuck on a beach and there’s no way to escape.

New cast members Fionn Whitehead ("Him"), Aneurin Barnard ("Citadel"), Jack Lowden ("71"), Mark Rylance ("Bridge of Spies"), Cillian Murphy ("Inception"), Kenneth Branagh ("Valkyrie"), Tom Hardy ('The Revenant'), and James D’Arcy ("Cloud Atlas") can be seen in the teaser trailer.

The large scale film has been shot on IMAX 65mm for high impact immersion and maximum image quality.

The studio has slated “Dunkirk” for a July 21 release. It will be released on 70mm and IMAX screens all over the world.

The trailer glimpses Christopher’s World War II thriller

In March 2015, it was reported that Warner Bros. is negotiating the project with Kenneth, Tom, and Mark. The three were officially confirmed in July 2015, alongside Fionn Whitehead, Jack Lowden, Harry Styles and Aneurin Barnard. Cillian Murphy, James D’Arcy, Tom Glynn, and Barry Keoghan joined the project in October 2015.

Christopher Nolan‘s thriller is set to release on May 5. He is an English filmmaker, and screenwriter. Christopher is one of the most famous and richest directors in history. He is credited for the blockbusters “Following,” “Memento,” “Insomnia,” “The Prestige,” “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” “Inception,” and “Interstellar.”

‘Dunkirk’ – the 2017 film

“Dunkirk” is one of the most anticipated Hollywood movies.

It is directed, written and co-produced by Christopher Nolan. Set during World War Ii, the film has been shot in the United States, Netherlands, France, and England. Filming started in May 2016, with Hoyte van Hoytema serving as cinematographer.

Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain, France, and Canada, fight against the German Army on the beach of Dunkirk and evacuate in Operation Dynamo between May 1940 and June 1941.

In October 2015, Nolan revealed that he is writing the screenplay and dialogues of “Dunkirk,” and shooting would begin in January 2016. Warner Bros. recruited him for $20 million plus 30% of the box office gross. Previously, Peter Jackson received $19 million for the production of “King Kong.”

The filmmaker claims that IMAX cameras were used to film several action sequences, including the French Navy destruction scene.

He has avoided the use of computer-generated graphics. Instead, the director employed cardboard cut-out props of soldiers and vehicles to create an impression of large armies. Early projections reveal that the film will gross over $90 million in the opening weekend.