Ben Higgins announced last week his breakup with fiancée, lauren bushnell. Most people view the recent breakup as a great possibility for Ben to be on “The Bachelor” next year. He is one of the most popular, and the fan-favorite coming back could potentially pull the ratings up.

What went wrong?

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell decided to end their relationship. However, the two decided to remain friends even after the breakup. In an excerpt from Ben’s recent podcast, which will be released on May 23, he said that he and Lauren learned a lot about themselves but their relationship was getting difficult. He claimed that the joy that they felt when their relationship was just starting was different from what they felt at present.

He further said that they tried everything to make things work, but it simply did not. After several tries, both came to the mutual decision to call it quits.

The 29-year old bachelor admitted that he feels confused and lost at the moment, but he believes that after his heartache, eventually, it will turn into something beautiful. Both of them tried everything to make their relationship work, however, the result was not as good as they expected. For Ben, there is no way that they can save or redeem their relationship. He ended his statement by saying that he and Lauren will have a good season in the future. With this, some speculated that this might be a hint that the most popular bachelor is coming back in the reality show.

'The Bachelor' repeat?

Chris Harrison, the host of “The Bachelor,” expressed that he is also affected by Ben and Laurens’s breakup because they are his friends. Chris empathized with them as the public witnessed the entire course of their relationship. When asked if Ben would come back to the show, Chris thinks that he cannot yet answer the question, as the time and place would be inappropriate.

The couple just broke up recently and it is still premature to predict their next move.

The Bachelor” is airing its 20th season now. Throughout the entirely of the show, there has only been one relationship that ended in marriage. Ex-Bachelor Sean Lowe was fortunate enough to have chosen the girl who later became his wife.

While this is a small percentage, Chris is still hopeful that through the show, people can find their one true love. The recent heartbreak has been felt by fans of Bachelor nation, and is certainly still shocking for some fans.