'Rambo: New Blood'

Earlier this year, Millennium Films announced that they were planning to create a reboot of the "Rambo" franchise, titled "Rambo: New Blood." Brooks McLaren is going to write the movie, while Ariel Vromen will be the director. They supposedly want John Rambo to be a character similar to James Bond. While I certainly don't think this is a bad idea, I am worried about it because of how great the previous "Rambo" films were. In my opinion,"Rambo IV" had a perfect conclusion to the franchise. So if there will be a "Rambo" reboot, everything has to be perfect.

That includes everything related to the movie, especially the acting and the storyline.

Even the title. I personally believe that "New Blood" is a very risky title, because it heavily implies that there could be more to the story than just one movie, so if they end the story instead of having it all finished in another sequel, then the title and the movie don't exactly mirror themselves. However, Millennium Films could be planning a "Rambo VI," and maybe even a "Rambo VII," so who knows? If they are planning on making just one more, I believe one of its former titles such as "Last Blood" and "Last Stand" would work better.

What we know so far

Sylvester Stallone will not portray John Rambo. He retired his role of John Rambo recently, and it has been confirmed that they would cast a younger actor.

My personal pick is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He is great in action movies, and just him being in it would definitely help promote the film.

Stallone could still be involved in the film, however, but in a different role. I think it would be a great idea for him to play R. Rambo, Rambo's father. Although never physically seen, John Rambo went to his dad's house at the end of "Rambo IV," potentially opening up a plot involving both of them.

I think it would be great if that were to happen.

Sylvester Stallone and Millennium Films have been considering making another film in the franchise for a long time, but Stallone decided not to make it, because he thought the 4th film provided the perfect conclusion to the series. Here are some potential plot points that were considered:

John Rambo's daughter being kidnapped by the leaders of a cult, and his mission to rescue her.

John Rambo in a war with human traffickers and drug lords.

Another plot had the film being titled "Rambo V: The Savage Hunt." In it, the title character, along with a team of hunters, and a young hunter named Beau Brady would track down a half-human beast making its way towards civilization. It was based on the book "Hunter" by James Byron Huggins. Stallone stated that he still wants to turn this into a separate film that isn't part of the franchise.

TV series

FOX is reportedly developing a TV series, focusing on the title character, his son, and their relationship. Avi Lerner and Jeb Stuart are supposed to be the directors, producers, and writers. I think that idea is great, although I would really prefer if the main character himself didn't appear.

As much as I love the character, him going on the small screens may ruin him. It really should just be about his son, and a conflict he is facing, whether it's external or internal. Sylvester Stallone has already said that he won't be in the series, he may be the producer, but that seems unlikely at the moment.