On "Survivor: Game Changers," there are two players most likely to be sitting at the final tribal council. Sarah Lacina and Cirie Fields are social, courageous and smart strategists who have been playing a cut-throat game while staying under the radar. They need each other, and will continue to stick together -- Cirie and Sarah will go head-to-head and let the final jury pick who's played a better game. Both are the only players left of the final 6 with a respectable game. Culpepper, Troyzan, Tai, and Aubry won't go far enough to sway the jury. Cirie and Sarah have made impressive moves, but it will boil down to one critical mistake and this could be seen one way or the other by the jury.

Cirie tried to use the advantage to steal Sarah's vote in order to save her from trusting Tai, but their trust was broken in front of everyone and the "steal a vote advantage" will haunt them in the end. Sarah wasn't completely honest with her friend, according to "ET Online." She didn't give Cirie the advantage until minutes before Tribal Council. Cirie never took it out of the bag and read the fine print that said the advantage wasn't transferable. "Survivor: Game Changers" has experienced the most unpredictable Tribal Councils in the history of the show.

Four-time player is an experienced competitor

Cirie Fields probably has the best social game in "Survivor" history and earns people's trust with her warm personality. At the same time, she explains her angles without giving away too much of her gameplan.

Cirie follows her instincts and was right in trying to block Tai's vote, even though Sarah followed through on her plan anyway. Now, at the end of the game, Cirie has to rethink her friendship with Sarah.

Sarah is in the best position to win

For the past four weeks, especially during Tribal Councils, Sarah has been playing a masterful game.

She’s been part of two different alliances and deserves an Oscar for acting surprised when Sierra Thomas was voted out. Also, she was thinking ahead when she made that speech at tribal council. Sarah pointed out to the jury that they should vote based on gameplay rather than emotion, and, at the last Tribal Council, she targeted Cirie's closest ally, Michaela.

There's still a couple of idols to be played. Last week's preview showed Tai holding some sort of necklace, and it looked like he was coming up with a plan with Brad and Troyzan.

Who's going to be the Sole Survivor and win the $1 million? The end of season 34 airs Wednesday, May 24th on CBS.

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