“Hawaii Five-O” fans are heating up message boards and all kinds of social media in sorrow over their beloved drama of elite crime-fighting. Season 7’s final moments left them woeful, even with the triumph of the “righteous” named in the title. Rather than becoming consumed with grief, they should be abundantly grateful that an entire Season 8 is guaranteed ahead.

Many pilots launch into the broadcast world each season, never to see the light of even one full season. “Hawaii Five-O” has been blessed not only with eight incredible years but also with maintaining one of the best casts ever assembled in a police drama.

The feeling of “ohana” is no pretense—this ensemble has bonded in life, and in their characters, on and off the set. Likewise, consistent writing and show production have guided the production, and they have never ignored the loyalty of “Hawaii Five-O” faithful. The hard truth of not seeing Alex O’Loughlin as Lt. Steve McGarrett week to week may or may not be sealed, but there is a blessing in being able to prepare a farewell for the Lt. Commander. Many golden moments to treasure still can lie ahead.

Future plans

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser featured a May 19 piece detailing how plans for some of the cast may indeed have them spread too thin to commit to full series parts next season. Ian Anthony Dale has already locked a role as Deputy Secretary of Defense, Harris Anders, in the CBS summer thriller, “Salvation.” He also is in preparation for the toughest role of his life-- becoming a daddy for the first time.

His full calendar explains why the timing is perfect for Kono to pursue her passion in rescuing girls from the sex trade in Carson City, NV. No cop, female or otherwise, kicks butt with Kono’s style, and that fierceness from Grace Park is just what those human dealers deserve. Her tender side will still be there when she and Adam can reunite.

Daniel Dae Kim has made it clear that his time producing “The Good Doctor” for ABC will not deter him from his “Hawaii Five-O” shift as Chin Ho Kelly.

His character can have much more of a personal life now that Julie Benz time on “Training Day” will end with the series being canceled. Chi McBride has also declared that he’s in for the duration.

What awaits for the partners, Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin, as Williams and McGarrett? Lots of possibilities can still be positive!

Can this ‘couple’ be saved?

The connection between Danny and Steve propels much of the storyline on “Hawaii Five-O.” Their chemistry has drawn fans to the degree that bets are even made on what the partners will say to each other next during a “cargument” or on a stakeout. Even more endearing are the therapy sessions that are a workforce requirement for the partners. Aside from their spirited banter, they have proven that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for one another. Danny's liver lies within Steve, and Steve has saved Danny from death at least once per season, despite the protests about the Commander’s driving.

After the drama’s 150th episode last fall, Alex O'Loughlin did declare that Season 8 would be his last, but nothing is officially on paper with contracts so far as fans know.

The Australian actor did say that recent treatments for his back injuries had him feeling up to “another season or two.” The storyline of Steve suffering from radiation poisoning can only draw the devoted partners together, and the health predicament need not be fatal.

The situation means that the “couples” component of “Hawaii Five-O” will be at its best during Season 8. Facing a life or death prognosis can put things in perspective for any person, even a hero. McGarrett may meet a new love in this journey, or decide that he cannot put love aside any longer, and put pursuing love ahead of police duty for awhile. Steve could relocate to a remote duty station, and still stay attached to the “Five-O” mission. That shift would be less physically demanding on the star, and defer the legal issues like the lawsuit facing the drama because of a stunt coordinator allegedly being under the influence.

Best of all for fans, it would still keep “Alex O’Loughlin on duty and on-camera.

No one can blame Alex O’Loughlin for making whatever decision he thinks best for his family and his future. “Hawaii Five-O” is one of the unique series still remaining on television that can cause fans to laugh, cry, grimace, cheer and keep to the edge of their seats in a single episode. Let's hope for many more seasons to come.

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