According to the Christian Post on May 5, television host Steve Harvey thanked God for winning two Daytime Emmy Awards. He is reported to have said that God has been so good to him.

Harvey was not present to accept his awards in person at the 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony that was held on Sunday, April 30, 2017. He won an Emmy for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host and an Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host for hosting "Family Feud."

Harvey on a roll

Harvey seems to be on a roll these days. Of course, he is a hard working man with lots of jobs like Ryan Seacrest and Michael Strahan.

The 60-year-old television personality hosts a radio show, a daytime talk show, "The Family Feud" and "Little Big Shots."

After learning about his awards, Harvey took to his Instagram account to post a photo of his trophies. First, he thanked God for allowing him to win. Then, he thanked his staff and crew who helped him. Over 18,000 people have liked the post. Fans also congratulated him for his achievements. Many agreed that Harvey deserved the honors. One person referenced Ephesians 3:20 which states how God is able to do great things in people's lives.

Harvey's journey

Harvey often talks about how far he has come. He has not always been successful. He admitted that there was a time when he hit rock bottom.

While trying to make it as a comedian, he was homeless and lived in his 1976 Ford Tempo for three years. He attributes his success to his faith. The comedian and host said even when he felt like giving up, his faith kept him going. He gives thanks to God every chance he gets for the way his life has turned out. He stated that every single morning he prays and reads a list of the things he is grateful for.

Steve's new talk show

Even though Steve is successful, he is still trying to improve upon that success. His daytime talk show is moving from Chicago by the end of May to be headquartered in Los Angeles. He will change the name of his show to just "Steve." The newly revamped show will air in September. Steve will be executive producer which will give him more leverage.

So far, he has announced that he is changing the format along with making other changes, including hiring a brand new staff and not taking his current 100 employees with him. He said he is moving to California to be able to have more A-list celebrities as guests. He said he is tired of traveling so much for his shows, and being in Los Angeles will help him in that respect.