"Star Trek: Discovery" keeps getting new names in its cast list, and five new actors have been added. They include Rekha Sharma, Kenneth Mitchell, Shahad Latif, Clare McConnell and Damon Runyan.

Meet the new cast additions

"Penny Dreadful" star Shahad Latif will play as Lieutenant Tyler, a Starfleet officer in the Federation. He was initially planned to take on the role of Kol, a commander in the Klingon Empire, which will now be taken by "Jericho" actor Kenneth Mitchell.

Rekha Sharma of "Battlestar Galactica" will play Commandry Landry, the security officer of the Starship Discovery.

Clare McConnell (“Dim the Fluorescents”) as Dennas and Damon Runyan ("Suits") as Ujilli are leaders in the Klingon Empire.

Latif is also known for his role in "Toast of London" (2012-2015) and "Ordinary Life" (2015). Mitchell's credits include "Frequency" (2016-2017) and "Miracle" (2014), while Sharma is also known for "The 100" (2014-2015). McConnell's credits include "This Is What It Sounds Like Falling Out of Love with You" (2016) while Runyan also appeared in "Supernatural" (2006-2008) and "Gangland Undercover" (2015-2016).

They join stars that include Sonequa Martin-Green, Terry Serpico, Maulik Pancholy, Sam Vartholomeos, among others. "Star Trek: Discovery" is created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman.

The story will follow the crew of USS Discovery, set before the original "Star Trek" franchise.

Premiere delays

The television series currently has a target premiere of "late summer, early fall" from the original January schedule, according to Leslie Moonves, CBS Corp. chief executive, per Variety. The show has suffered delays due to some factors such as the dismissal of Bryan Fuller as showrunner, an unacceptable offer to a "Star Trek: New Generation" start to appear in the TV series, and poor marketing decisions, as reported by Gizmodo.

Michael Dorn was rumored to appear in the series as an ancestor of Worf, his original character in "Star Trek: Next Generation." The actor responded to the reports saying that there are no plans for him to make an appearance at this time, although he confirmed there were discussions last summer. According to Digital Trends, he did receive an offer, but the compensation was not enough, not even 1 percent of his previous earnings from the last time he played Worf.

Moreover, contrary to the initial plan, "Star Trek: Discovery" will no longer be available on CBS network television. Instead, it will be exclusively shown on Cbs All Access, which would mean monthly fees for those who want to watch.