Shawn Portwood is a character you don't see often on "Teen Mom OG," but he has been in influential part of Amber Portwood's life. He was devastated when Amber chose to go prison instead of taking anger management classes and he appeared on "Teen Mom OG" a few times in support of Amber. But he has been fairly silent overall in regards to his sister's relationship with Matt Baier. While he has been vocal on social media, he hasn't really shared much on the show.

On "Teen Mom OG," Matt Baier decided to say some things about Shawn Portwood that were downright derogatory.

While Matt may have said them in the heat of the moment, reports revealed that Amber was devasted, was questioning the wedding, and essentially wanted nothing to do with him. But Shawn himself used Twitter to let people know that he chose to ignore what was said and he - in no way - supported what Baier had said.

Shawn Portwood isn't making excuses for his sister

It also sounds like Shawn isn't making any excuses for his sister, who is choosing to stand by her man. Even though the fights on "Teen Mom OG" were uncomfortable to watch, Amber isn't leaving Matt behind. And Shawn isn't making any excuses for her in regards to Matt's derogatory comments. Instead, he's now revealing that he doesn't support anyone making such comments.

One has to wonder if Matt has reached out to Shawn to discuss what happeend and what he said about him.

If he's still planning on marrying Amber, one can imagine she wants him to work out his issues with her brother. Portwood has yet to say whether he has talked to Baier since the episode aired.

Amber Portwood shocked that 'Teen Mom' fans are turning their backs on her

As for Amber, she has plenty of things going on, so she may not be too worried about her brother's tweets.

As it turns out, she's been linked to the owner of Vivid Entertainment, a massive porn film distributor. Many people assumed that she would be shopping around for a sex tape, seeing where she could get the most money. She met with the owner of Vivid while she was in Los Angeles recently, but she was scoulded on social media for even considering it.

Amber decided to stand up for herself, revealing that she had not made up her mind about anything and that her "Teen Mom OG" fans should stay positive rather than become judgmental.

What do you think of Amber Portwood's brother Shawn Portwood's Twitter reactions? Are you surprised that he's not defending his sister?