Fans of Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill have gotten more than the thrill of a lifetime from the 2017 run of the Soul2Soul Tour. There already have been joyful baby announcements, big celebrity guests, and the little girl with the perfect song to sing when she got her moment with Faith, and the surprises keep coming. The cherished royal couple of country offered “Speak to a Girl” as the perfect treat to the crowd at the ACM awards just before the tour launched on April 7 in New Orleans, and it was in Charleston, SC that they debuted another beautiful duet.

Breaking the ice with 'Break First'

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill stood several feet apart, on almost opposite ends of the stage as “Break First” began, and the wrenching question in the song comes: “Do you know how hard it is, in any situation, pretending you mean nothing, when to me, you were everything, my whole…” The pair greeted the crowd and the city by name, suggesting that this debut duet was likely the opener for the night. The ballad describes the dilemma of moving on from a forever love, and “dancing with a new girl with my eyes closed, pretending I'm lost in the music.” There's plenty for fans to fall in love with in this tune. Tim and Faith gently swayed as each partner took a verse, and magnificently built emotion and harmony into the crescendo of the final inquiry: “who's gonna break first?” The finish was utterly spellbinding.

A full album in harmony

It was melody and all the miles on the road that first sparked magic for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on the Spontaneous Combustion tour of 1996, and now, 20 years down the road of life and family, the pair are still going strong as they both near 50. Calendars can't lie, but the years certainly don't show.

Tim playfully teased his bride that this year “was about time for you to get your a** on the road” after a decade. She said how much she enjoys her time on the couch, to which hubby countered, “Yeah, she looks like she's been laying around eating bonbons!”

The couple’s loving introductions of one another only make the harmonies sweeter on “Break First” and the other duets that will fill a full album later in 2017 on the Sony label, with individual solo projects in the works, too.