The Dallas Morning News made a very grave error four decades ago, about which it has been silent – until now. They finally confessed on the “Star Wars” 40th anniversary to incorrectly referring to Chewbacca as a “Wookie.” Chewbacca fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief (if they can remember that far back of course).

The Dallas Morning News and the ‘Wookiee’ typo

It happened in their issue of May 26, 1977, where the newspaper was giving their review for “Star Wars: A New Hope.” In that review, the Dallas Morning News referred to Chewbacca as a “Wookie” instead of the correct spelling “wookiee.” However on Thursday, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic film, editors finally published a correction.

In their confession, they said they regretted making the error, going on to apologize to the whole Wookiee community, as noted in the tweet below.

The newspaper reportedly reposted the original review of the “Star Wars” film, dubbing the movie “enchanting.” Central Track theorizes that they came up with the idea to reprint the original review and someone suddenly spotted the misspelling and thought it would be funny to include a correction and apology for the blunder.

NPR and a similar ‘Wookiee’ mistake

Strangely enough this led to NPR also confessing to a similar error.

They reported that around seven years ago they published a post about what was the trending Twitter hashtag at that time. The hashtag had been thought up to reportedly reveal the deepest and darkest secrets in the “Star Wars” universe. That hashtag was the rather amusing #WookieeLeaks.

However, in their article they reportedly spelled the hashtag in two different ways, #WookieLeaks and the correct #WookieeLeaks.

They did admit, however, that they weren’t alone, because on Twitter at the time, both versions of the hashtag were trending, so they are not 100 percent sure which was actually correct.

Mark Memmott, the NPR journalist who made the error reportedly apologized for his typo using the best Yoda vernacular, saying, “make mistakes, I too have.”

Better news than Chewbacca Mom

Central Track also referred to another Wookiee related story that had been doing the rounds from Dallas last year – that of the infamous Chewbacca Mom, Candace Payne.

Saying the latest Wookiee apology was much better news, they referred to an article published by them last year which basically said they believed Payne had pushed the envelope a little too far after her video went viral.

Blasting News recently reported on another "Star Wars" blooper, where the Stormtrooper who accidentally bumped his head in the 1977 film came forward 40 years later to admit it was him and to explain why it happened.