After a long and courageous battle against liver cancer, Gregg Allman's health made a "sudden turn" which resulted to his death on Saturday.. Earlier reports stated the #Allman Brothers Band lead vocalist had experienced a recurrence about five years ago. He, however, refused to disclose his condition to the public until the situation had gotten worse over the past few days.

Remembering the rock icon

Gregg was 69 years old when he left his loved ones at his residence in Savannah, Georgia on May 27. His passing was confirmed by Michael Lehman, who has been working as the rock icon's manager.

He said the singer suffered from complications that led to his death.

After announcing the sad news, Lehman updated Gregg's website to express his grief over the death of a longtime friend. The manager remembered his artist as a "kind and gentle soul" whose laugh he will always remember. Lehman also commended the rock singer for his love for his family, bandmates, and even his fans.

More than anything else, Lehman will miss a partner and a friend whom he has worked with for so many years.

'I Believe I'll Go Back Home'

It was reported that the vocalist suffered from "various health issues" that compelled him to cancel his concert tour schedule in March 2017. Gregg, however, denied that he got admitted to the hospital for his condition.

Behind the popularity of the Allman Brothers Band, the lead singer experienced a tragic past when a hitchhiker killed his father upon his return from the Korean War. His father's death forced them to transfer in Florida where Gregg bought his first ever guitar.

Gregg and his brothers formed the band in 1969. The Allman Brothers Band released two studio singles for their debut, but it was their live release that gave them their breakthrough in 1971.

Despite the ups and downs of the rock band, Gregg pursued music and even performed as a soloist while the Allman Brothers Band was on a hiatus. After breaking and getting back together, the rock group eventually disbanded and held their final concert series in 2014.

After the disbandment, Gregg formed his own band and even released a live album.

The lead vocalist managed to hold a series of concerts last June and July before his health declined.

'Words are impossible'

Gregg's ex-wife, Cher, expressed her grief on the sudden death of her ex-lover whom she used to call "Gui Gui." The estranged couple tied the knot on July 9, 1975, but after a few days, the female singer filed for divorce from Allman. Although they tried to work things out, the two eventually decided to end things between them.