It was recently announced that the 90s sitcom “Roseanne” will be coming back to TV. While John Goodman said he never believed “in a million years” that the comedy show would be revived, it turns out Rosie O’Donnell knew it would be back, as soon as Donald J. Trump won the U.S. Presidential election. Set in the American heartland, the comedy show tells the day to day story of a working class family.

‘Roseanne’ revival surprised John Goodman, but not Rosie O’Donnell

As the revival of the popular show "Roseanne" on ABC was announced, an insider heard O’Donnell speaking to her co-star, Goodman, saying she believes that the revival of the sitcom and the current political situation are somehow connected.

At that stage, Goodman had told Rosie that he genuinely never thought they would be back together in the show, but Barr said as soon as Trump won she just knew it would be revived.

Now fans will be pleased to hear that "Roseanne" will return – with the original cast – at some stage next year.

Donald Trump has ruined Rosie O’Donnell’s life

However, despite being happy that the show is being resurrected, O’Donnell spoke up during a guest appearance at John Fugelsang’s comedy show “WTF Donny” at Caroline’s on Wednesday this week. There were no holds barred when discussing Trump and how his presidency had destroyed her life.

An outspoken Trump critic for many years, O’Donnell said it was the second time she had been in public since Trump won the election because she tries to keep out of the public eye.

Reportedly if she goes to the Mall, Trump’s followers say things like, “Hey f**k you.” Rosie went on to say that the very next day a boy at public school in New Jersey told her 14-year-old daughter to tell her mother he was going to "grab her pussy." O’Donnell says this kind of incident has badly affected her entire life.

In fact, due to the long-running feud with the current U.S.

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President, it has affected her and her family for many years. ET reported in September last year that the battle between her and Trump can be traced back to 2006 when Rosie said Trump was a "snake oil salesman" during a segment on “The View.”

Ivanka Trump deserves sympathy, says, Rosie

However, Rosie did add that people should give Ivanka Trump some sympathy, saying the next time she or anyone else makes fun of the president’s daughter, she wants them to think carefully – and with compassion – about what Ivanka has had to do to survive in her life.

She referred to Ivanka as “being favorited” by a “cult leader” with the power to fool an entire nation, while she is his “chosen child.” According to O’Donnell, that is not a healthy, fun or recoverable place to be in.

On that note, John Fugelsang had fun posting a video invitation to Donald Trump to attend the "WTF Donny" show, while mentioning that Caroline's is just a short distance from the U.S. President's New York apartment.