It's been nearly a week since Radiohead (recently confirmed for Coachella 2017) announced that they will mark the 20th anniversary of their seminal album "Ok Computer" with the release of "OKNOTOK" — a newly remastered version of the original, packed with B-Sides and unreleased tracks.

Fans have hardly been able to contain their excitement when they discovered that the unreleased tracks on "OKNOTOK" were to be "I Promise", "Manowar" and "Lift" — songs that have all been played live and well known by serious Radiohead fans.

What do we already know about 'Lift'?

"Lift" has been a firm fan favourite since the mid-90s, with the song written around 1995 and making its way onto setlists since 1996. It starts with a jangly guitar riff not too disimilar to Coldplay's "Yellow" — in fact, I'm convinced Coldplay stole it— and gradually builds into an ephereal anthem redolent of the Bends era.

The best live versions of "Lift" are probably the performances at the Pinkpop festival and Chicago Metro, both in 1996. However, a different version performed in 2002 proved that the band hadn't quite given up on the song, and speculation by Jonny Greenwood as to the song's future even went as far as to suggest it could be included on their latest album released last year, "A Moon Shaped Pool".

What about 'Manowar' & 'I Promise'?

"Manowar", otherwise known as "Big Boots", is another song penned during the Bends era. Its sound is instantly recognisable as a tortured Bondesque soundtrack, which has, like "Lift", had many permutations. The song, played live only a handful of times, was also featured on the band's Documentary "Meeting People Is Easy" — or rather, the frustrating construction of it.

The version of the song we heard in "Meeting People Is Easy" was rumoured to be included on "The Avengers" soundtrack in 1998. But, like with many of the songs destined for release around that time, it found its way to Radioheads backburner catalogue rather than life on an album.

And finally, we have "I Promise" — yet again, written and performed around the same time as the other two.

The song has a certain whimiscal mantra-like quality, as we hear Thom Yorke ring off a list of promises to a military style backbeat before culminating in an explosion of mellow shoegaze.

A decent live version can be heard from the Mansfield gig in 1996 — where, believe it or not, they supported Alanis Morrisette.

Fans only have until July before they can get their hands on the shiny new package. "OKNOTOK" is available to pre-order now, and will be released on CD, vinyl and download formats. For those as eager as me to hear the tracks as soon as possible, the download will be available on 23rd June — in what is sure to be a momentous event for all devout Radiohead fans.