Prince's estate wants to channel their so-called fame into a deal for a reality TV-show. Their aim is to highlight Prince's unpublished music on the show. This is why Prince's heirs engaged in legal battles with George Ian Boxill. Boxill was Prince's mixing and recording engineer. He planned to release an EP titled Deliverance on the one-year anniversary of the singer's death. Prince's heirs and Paisley Park succeeded in blocking the EP's release.

Prince's heirs won the first round in court

Prince's estate went to court and succeeded in obtaining a restraining order.

Resulting in stopping the plans Boxil's had to release an album's of Prince's unpublished music. Additionally, the court order Boxil to turn over all the recordings that are in his possession. There is an estimated value of more than $75,000 on the music right now. However, the legal war is not over as Boxil is fighting this court's decision.

Prince died last April, and the EP would have marked the anniversary of the beloved singer's sudden death. Leaving a bootie of unpublished music for those with ties to the late performer to clash over for perhaps decades to come. There is no news pointing to the specifics of the reality show, except that reports there is an unnamed producer attached to the project.

Fans are wondering how his legacy will be managed

Prince fans will just have to wait for Prince's heirs to come into agreement as to how Prince's unpublished music will hit the airwaves. It is unclear, at this point, as to how united they are to serve the late singer's legacy in a way he would have felt honored his long history of dedication not only to producing quality music; but being a kind, generous, and compassionate human being.

Hopefully, stronger heads will prevail, and his family will recognize that a major part of Prince's appeal was his uncanny ability to see the poetry in life. Something that Reality TV is not too good at. It is hard to know if the late singer would want his work to be released during weekly skirmishes, battles and manufactured melodrama.

Nonetheless, his appeal was a far cry from the Reality TV scene. Just maybe Prince's family members ought to ask themselves with the depth of conviction their famed brother would. Is this what Prince would want? Would he want his legacy to be heaped onto trashy Reality TV?

We cannot know given the scarce detail, how such a show would be handled. Let along how his family members will conduct themselves. We can only hope they will pay tribute to the honesty and poetry of Prince's genius. However, this just may be too much to ask. After all performers such as Prince are rare.