Niantic developers have just revealed new changes that the company will be carrying out in the "Pokémon GO" app this summer. In a new interview with the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, Mathieu de Fayet, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Niantic, revealed new information about the long-awaited Legendary Pokémon. He confirmed that the legendary creatures will arrive this summer, along with further important additions to the widely popular augmented reality game.

Legendary Pokémon confirmed as the major update this summer

Mathieu de Fayet revealed that the company will release the widely anticipated update, which includes the legendary creatures, as well as the ability to battle other players, and other new, important additions.

The specific date of release is not yet known, but at least it has already been confirmed that they will actually come to the game soon.

According to Fayet, the Legendary Pokemon will arrive this summer, although, the anticipated arrival is expected to be toward the end of the summer, because, as announced by Fayet, there are other changes that will be added to the app by Niantic. In order for them to work out all of those kinks, they may need a bit of extra time, which could, ultimately, push back the release of the highly anticipated creatures.

It has been noted recently that some players have stopped playing the game entirely. Even though the company has consistently rolled out updates and events, there are some people out there that are dissatisfied with the game.

Much of this discontent can surely be traced back to the company cracking down on cheaters in recent months, as users were implementing third party apps to get ahead in the game. There is also the fact that the game can be both expensive and time consuming.

Additional information

Mathieu de Fayet also said that the company is focused on rewarding players that have been loyal to “Pokémon GO” -- those who have been playing the game since its inception.

His comments are the strongest confirmation so far that the legendary creatures will officially be coming to the game, even if users still have to wait on a confirmed release date. In the meantime, however, those that still enjoy playing the augmented reality application will have much to look forward to this summer, if the speculation proves to be true.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.