Bonner Bolten may have already been sent home from "Dancing With the Stars," but he is still speaking out about his experience, and he isn't holding back. He is actually pretty upset about the way the show made him look and how harsh the judges were on him as well.

What did Bonner have to say about Sharna Burgess?

On "DWTS," they made it look like Bonner and Sharna don't totally get along, but he wants the fans to know that is not the case. He said that they get along 99% of the time. Everyone has issues now and then. Bonner was actually "disappointed" with the way that the show made their relationship look in their package.

He said that their practice had already been going for six hours, which was an hour longer than planned. The part that they showed was the very end of this entire time they had been together working.

Why is Bonner Bolton upset with the "Dancing With the Stars" producers?

Bonner Bolton went on to explain that he is pretty upset about how his time on the show ended. Bonner said that they "didn't paint a very fair picture" of him as he left the show. He went on to explain saying, "I felt like all the other contestants that left before me had a great package their last week, and they were painted to be the people that they are. I think "Dancing With the Stars" was a little harsh on me."

Len Goodman actually said that Bonner didn't deserve to be there anymore and Bolton said that he felt like this was "disrespectful" of him to say.

Len felt like he should have been sent home weeks before he was, but the fans kept him around. He didn't hold back at all and went on to say, "I don't respect him or any of those judges on that panel except for Julianne [Hough]." Len and Bonner obviously have some bad blood. It will be interesting to see if they can make up on the season finale or if they just continue to not get along with each other.

Bonner Bolton didn't expect everyone to be so tough on a guy who didn't know how to dance because to him that is what the show is about. He said he did make friends with some of the pro dancers. It does sound like the entire experience wasn't bad for him. Some good things came out of the show, but don't expect Bonner to be begging to come back and appear again.

He seems ready to move on with this part of his life. He also mentioned how he is a cowboy and they are very respectful to women. He didn't like that this wasn't all seen on the show.

Are you surprised by what Bonner Bolton had to say about his relationship with Sharna Burgess and his time on "Dancing With the Stars"? Do you feel like they were too hard on him during his time on the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the rest of the season when it airs on Monday nights on ABC. Bonner Bolton will at least be back for the finale when a new winner is picked. We are only a few weeks away from the end.

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