Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are reportedly complaining about their filming schedule in "Outlander" season 3. The rumored couple is reportedly lacking sleep as they shoot the rest of the scenes.

While fans are waiting for the hit TV series, "Outlander" Season 3 to come back, Heughan and Balfe are still working on the episodes. The rumored couple is reportedly complaining that they lack sleep and rest while filming the rest of the scenes. The two exchanged tweets in social media stating how tired they were as they shoot the scenes.

Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan tweets their shooting experiences

There is no doubt that the fans of "Outlander" Season 3 are waiting to see the next season of the Starz series. Heughan and Balfe will be taking the novel of Diana Gabaldon called, "Voyager" to life. The "Outlander" cast and crew is doing a lot of night shoots in Cape Town, South Africa for the past few weeks.

The team of "Outlander" of the phenomenal drama have been losing some sleep as they stay for shooting the scenes in South Africa. The two stars of the series reportedly need to shoot their night scenes, which means they are obligated to be awake at midnight. The change of schedule has apparently led Balfe and Heughan to be making and sharing their complaints on social media.

It might seem that they are enjoying the shooting time and the town of South Africa, but the truth is they are already tired.

The rumored couple shares their thoughts on Twitter

In his Twitter account, Heughan posted a message which represents his feeling, saying "zzz." It reportedly means that he wanted to take some rest and just sleep through the night.

Balfe even responded a few hours later saying she will see Heughan in her sleep. Meanwhile, Heughan also revealed that they have been eating their lunch at midnight and have been running low on their snack and rest times.

The exchange of tweets between the co-stars spark the dating rumors once more. Many people believe that they are dating because of their closeness and undeniable chemistry on their TV show.

However, they have always stated that they are not interested in dating each other and they will remain friends. Heughan and Balfe seem to share an excellent working relationship as they know how to enjoy their time together off-screen.

As of this writing, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are still working on the new episodes of "Outlander" Season 3.