Last night on "Once Upon a Time," Emma Swan married the man of her dreams in an epic wedding ceremony. However, don't expect to see this character live her happily ever after on screen if the ABC show gets picked up for another season. Jennifer Morrison has just announced that she will not be returning to her role as the savior for a possible season 7. This comes as a shock for fairytale fans after witnessing Emma marry Hook on Sunday night's musical episode.

Emma Swan is out

Morrison made the announcement herself on her Instagram account, stating that she has chosen not to renew her contract for a possible season 7.

She confirmed that this was her own decision, she was not fired at all. She was invited to continue with the series if it should be picked up in the fall, but she decided that it was time to move on from her role as Emma Swan.

In her announcement on Instagram, she acknowledged how thankful and honored she is to have been able to play this now-iconic character on "Once Upon a Time." If the show does return for another season, Morrison says that she has agreed to appear on one of those shows, most likely to wrap up her character's future.

What about Hook?

This comes at a pivotal time in Emma Swan's life as she has just married her prince charming.

Maybe she just figures that this would be the best time to leave with her character having her happily ever after. But what happens to Hook? Will actor Colin O'Donoghue be gone as well?

There has been no word yet on whether the other actors or actresses will be invited back or if they should want to continue on with the ABC drama series.

This may be the end of the show if others bail. If it does get renewed, the savior will be gone. How would they write Hook's story if his new wife is not around?

Will Emma be killed off?

There are different scenarios on how "Once Upon a Time" could explain Emma's disappearance. One could be that she and Hook will leave Storybrooke to live in New York.

Or she could get sucked up into another vortex that no one can enter and Hook will spend every waking moment trying to find her. The worst possible scenario is that Emma would be killed off and Hook will have to move on without her.

Is this the end of 'Once Upon a Time'?

Season 7 of this fairytale show is all up in the air right now. With Jennifer Morrison moving on, this could just be the nail in the coffin. Fans are taking to social media to express their sadness on not having Emma Swan as part of the show. It will not be the same without her, but other characters could be pulled front and center to explain more of their back stories.

Do you think that "Once Upon a Time" can survive a season without Emma Swan? Do you think the show has run its course? Stay tuned for more news that will be coming soon on whether they will renew for season 7 or if it will be decided to just cancel it altogether.