Hey, "Once Upon A Time" fans. We've definitely got some very important news to share with you guys. We'll start off by telling you that yes, your favorite show will be back for a brand new season. However, here's where things really get interesting. It turns out that this series is getting rebooted with new characters and storylines! These reports come from TVline and Deadline.

Quit the show

TVline revealed that the big renewal was announced by show creator and executive producer Adam Horowitz just a couple of days ago on his official Twitter account.

This announcement ended many months of speculation over whether the show would be returning or not. As previously reported, its been confirmed that Jennifer Morrison (Emma) decided to quit the show, so we won't be seeing her in the next season.

The show reportedly reached its lowest demographic numbers back in April 2017 with a 0.7 score, down from its 4.0 score back in 2011, which is seemingly why they've decided to "reset" the narrative. In other words, it's going to be sort of a reboot, focusing on some new characters, with the original characters still showing up as regulars or in recurring roles.

They report that the new storyline is actually going to focus on a young adult male that is going to be played by actor Andrew J.

West, and a 10 year old girl, played by actress Alison Fernandez. They also noted that tonight's huge 2-hour finale is going to deliver hints about what this new storyline will entail, so you'll definitely want to be paying close attention. Andrew J. West's resume includes a role in the popular AMC drama: "The Walking Dead." And we've seen Alison Fernandez appear in the CW's hit comedy/drama series "Jane The Virgin."

One more episode

Some other details from Deadline's report state that Jennifer Morrison is going to show up for one of the season 7 episodes, so she's not entirely done yet.

However, after that, she should be officially gone for good. They also mentioned that characters Snow White and Prince Charming will be downgraded to guest roles, so expect to see less of them.

They also told us that the new season is going to center around Lana Parrilla's Regina, Robert Carlyle's Gold, and Colin O’Donoghue's Hook, along with the new ones that we mentioned earlier.

There was no mention of any of the other regular characters. However, they did say that they expect that there will be appearances made by several of them. Also, with the way this show is designed, it's possible that anyone could show up at any time if the storyline calls for it.

Too early

Right now, it's too early to know how many episodes season 7 will offer up, or when it will premiere. Hopefully we'll get those details by June or mid-July 2017. Stay tuned.