Hey, "The Blacklist" fans. We've got some very excellent news to share with you guys. According to TV Line, NBC made the announcement to renew your favorite show for a brand new season! The announcement took place a couple of days ago on May 11th, so it definitely didn't come early. However, what's important is that it did eventually come. Also, we actually have the number of episodes that the new season will serve up. We usually don't get this intel until much later.

The spin-off show didn't make it

It turns out that season 5 will be offering up another full slate of 22 episodes for you guys to look forward to.

This means that there will definitely be new spoilers, sneak peek clips, interviews with various cast members, promo pics and all that good stuff to look out for in the upcoming months. Unfortunately, if you liked the spin-off show: "The Blacklist: Redemption," you're out of luck, as it was reported that it got the cancellation pink slip. It ended with a 0.8 demographic score for ages 18-49 and 4 million viewers. I guess that just wasn't good enough to make the cut.

Ryan Eggold is returning

This sets up for our little spoiler teaser because the cancellation of that show is bringing Ryan Eggold (Tom Keen) back to "The Blacklist." TV Line tells us that he is actually going to return as a full-fledged season regular.

Aside from that intel, we have no further information about what season 5 will bring. We do expect this to quickly change as early as this week since the finale episode is airing tonight. The press should be getting ready to hound the producers for some early teaser scoops.

In June sometime

Currently, we don't have the date for the premiere.

We expect to get that intel sometime in June. We might even have to wait until July, but probably not. Like most other shows, "The Blacklist" did experience a ratings decline over the course of its current season. It premiered back in September 2016 with a 1.25 demographic rating in the 18-49 age group which was down a negative 31 percent from the season 3 finale episode.

It brought in 6.3 million viewers which was down a negative 17 percent from the season 3 finale.

The ratings numbers for the latest episode that aired on May 11th were 0.83, bringing in 4.8 million viewers. Hopefully they can get those numbers back up next season. If they don't, the show might run into some late renewal or questionable renewal problems.

Some other shows made the cut

Additionally, NBC renewed a couple of other popular shows like "Blindspot," "This Is Us," and "Law And Order: SVU." Along with the "This Is Us" renewal, they also renewed other freshman shows:"Taken,” “Shades of Blue,” “Superstore,” and “The Good Place" with Kristen Bell.